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Get Real! Make Your Core Work for You

By Sandy Schroeder

Most of us think of our body in total. It may seem to be working OK, or there may be a few hangups, but there is more to the story, according to Harvard Health.

They tell us we can claim real immediate benefits when we strengthen our core because the core is so crucial to our lives. Picture your core muscles linking your upper and lower body. Each time you hit a ball, run the vacuum, or pick up your child, the effort starts in the core or moves through it.

If your core is weak or stiff, your arms and legs may lag, making everything more difficult. If you build up your core, you can add power, balance and stability to daily tasks and weekend outings.

Here is how that plays out.

Your core is there morning to night - As you reach up for the breakfast cereal or bend down to tie shoes, your core goes to work. When you turn to look behind you as you back out of the driveway, or sit down to begin the day's work, your core is on duty making everything happen.

Your core goes to work - Whatever you do on the job, standing, lifting, twisting, making calls, or working on a computer, the core gets involved. If you slouch over your keyboard and take few breaks you may head home with an aching back.

Your core steps up at home - When you mop, dust, bend, lift, carry, or twist to do the laundry, gardening or cleaning, all of those motions pass through the core.

When the weekend comes - When you run, swim, bike, play golf, volleyball or soccer, your core can provide the power if it is strong and flexible.

What Can Go Wrong

When core muscles are weak, things change.

Your lower back may suffer - If your core is weak you may be one of the 4 out of 5 Americans who encounter painful lower back pain that can affect your mobility. When it hits, everything slows way down, but chiropractic treatment and core exercises can lead the way back with strong core muscles.

You can lose your balance and fall - If your core is weak your body may not be as stable when you are standing or moving around outside. Core exercises can be good safety insurance wherever you are.

Your posture can suffer - When your core muscles are weak you may slouch and put more pressure on your spine. When your core is strong you look better and feel better.

Get A Grip On Your Core

When you are ready to make your core work for you, stop in at The Joint Chiropractic clinic near you to get started. The Joint Chiropractic doctors of chiropractic are well equipped to assess your core and help you find the best fitness solutions with the right core exercises. There are more than 450 Joint Chiropractic clinics nationwide to help you at home or when you are traveling.

To learn more about your health, wellness, and fitness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Downers Grove, Ill.

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