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What Your Kids Can Teach You About Sleep

By Genevieve Cunningham

You have undoubtedly heard the phrase "I slept like a baby." When we say this, we usually mean that we slept well. We slept hard. We feel rested. But why do we say this in the first place? Babies aren't necessarily known for sleeping well and the jokes about all-nighters with newborns are abundant. So where did the phrase come from? And what do babies know that we don't? If you would like to improve your sleeping habits and get better rest than ever before, take a look at what you can learn about sleep from your kids.

You Probably Need More

Have you ever witnessed a young child throw a fit or have a breakdown? Most people understand that when these situations arise, there's a good chance that the child is tired. They likely haven't had enough rest. And it's manifesting with a short temper and burst of frustration. When we watch it happen to kids, we might encourage them to take a nap or go to bed early that night. But even though more sleep is a go-to response when it comes to kids, we rarely give ourselves the same advice. But here's the thing: Chances are really good that you need more sleep, too! We all do! If there's just one thing that you learn from your kids, take to heart the idea that more sleep can calm your nerves and improve your outlook on life.

Quiet and Dark is Good for You

When we put kids to sleep, we often shush everyone who gets within a certain distance of our sleeping babe. Why? Because we know that noise and light are detrimental to quality sleep. It might wake the child, and no one wants that. But when it comes to our own sleep, we allow all kinds of light and noise into our rooms. In fact, we often go to sleep with the TV on, which is creating both light and noise in the midst of our sleep. If you want better sleep, take your kid's lead and create a dark and quiet environment.

You Have to Get It Where You Can

Kids don't really care where they are or what they're doing. If they get tired enough, they'll lay down for a nap. While we can't always sleep whenever or wherever we please, we can let ourselves take naps or get in a little extra rest when possible. Since we can't always guarantee a good night's sleep every night, catching cat naps helps us stay caught up and rested. If you need it, set aside 10 minutes and catch some shut-eye. You may be surprised at how much better you feel when you open your life to the possibility of more sleep.

Babies may not always sleep through the night, but they definitely have a few things figured out. There's nothing better than a well rested kid. If you want better quality sleep, follow your kid's cues. Start sleeping like a baby, and you may find yourself with more rest and better health than you've had in years.

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