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How to Strengthen Sense of Purpose to Sleep Better

By Sandy Schroeder

One in 3 Americans do not get enough sleep. If you are one of them, new research from Northwestern University says your sense of purpose may help you sleep more soundly.

The researchers said individuals who believed their lives had purpose often slept better than others, which raises more questions. Most of us have specific purposes like paying the mortgage and buying groceries, but we may still find ourselves tossing and turning every night.

I think the researchers might take the study a step further, finding out how that sense of purpose works positively or negatively. If financial strains or work pressures are following you to bed, you may know you have a purpose, but spend many sleepless hours dealing with the specifics.

How to Change the Flow

To sleep better every night take these steps:

Pinpoint your purpose in life – You may be a parent, a valued employee, or a daughter or son. Think about your roles and how you are handling them.

Spot areas that need work – You may want to rethink your job approach, come to terms with financial strains, or help your family more. List all of the key areas that need attention.

Brainstorm improvements – List everything you can think of that will help you be more effective. Finding a mentor, taking classes, seeing a psychologist or a financial counselor could all be resources you could use.

Try out solutions – Put resources and responses to the test and try them out at home and at work. If you see improvement, keep going.

As you work to make your sense of purpose more effective. you may find you are sleeping better.
Sometimes just taking the first step to solve a problem can give us a tremendous sense of relief.

At the same time, do everything you can to improve your sleep:

  • Use air filters to clean the air and muffle noise
  • Use blackout drapes to block out light
  • Keep all electronics out of the bedroom, including your TV, smartphone and laptop
  • Shut down caffeinated drinks right after lunch
  • Upgrade your mattress and pillows
  • Skip alcohol, tobacco and stimulating shows right before bedtime
  • Develop a nightly ritual such as a warm bath, soft music, or a simple snack

Monitoring Progress

If you are solving daily problems, easing your stress, and sleeping better every night, congratulate yourself and keep going. Later, if you start to lose sleep again, go back to square one and find out what is going on. New issues with your family or your job may keep you awake again, but this time you may recognize the pattern, and start work right away to find answers and sleep better.

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