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Get That Plastic Out of the Kitchen - For Your Health

By Sara Butler

There are things around your home that can have more of an impact on your health than you realize. The kitchen is full of hazards to your health -- and it has nothing to do with the food you’re eating. Here are a few items you should get rid of to ensure a healthy kitchen for your whole family.

Plastic Storage Containers

It may be a change that will cost you a little more money at first, but your health is worth it! You should get rid of all plastic storage containers and go with glass instead. Glass will last longer and won’t leach BPA into your food.

BPA is a type of xenoestrogen and it has been found by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be in half of the population of the United States! This chemical mimics estrogen in the body and can get into your food and drink via plastic containers.

If investing in a whole new set of glass storage containers isn’t in your budget, then consider buying more cost-effective mason jars until you can get larger containers. They’ll do the job and won’t add xenoestrogen to your food in the process!

Plastic Utensils

Almost everyone has a plastic ladle or spatula they’ve used to cook, but it might be time to swear off plastic utensils for good. That’s because using plastic can unsuspectingly allow you to put plastic in your food. You should replace all your cooking utensils with bamboo, wood, or even stainless steel since they’re all non-reactive. Even silicone is safe.

Nonstick Pans

Nonstick pans can be found in almost every household, but they really need to go. Nonstick kitchenware has been found to be dangerous to your health because it contains PFCs, which may contribute to the growth of certain types of cancers. You should opt for cast iron, stainless steel, or ceramic pans. These alternatives will probably cook your food more evenly and won’t be as dangerous to your health as traditional nonstick.

You should put a lot of thought into what you cook and store your food in because it does make a difference when it comes to your health, not to mention how it impacts the environment. So toss these items out of your kitchen and reap the health benefits of safer cookware!

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