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Trouble Sleeping? Chiropractic May Help

By Paul Rothbart

Insomnia is a problem that many people suffer from. Lying in bed night after night, unable to get comfortable, or not able to shut down the brain, or worse make for a terrible night. Anxiety, stress, and pain are major contributors to poor sleep. As sleep is when the body heals and refreshes itself, lack of it makes these problems worse. It's a downward spiral that is detrimental to one's health. There are several ways to improve your ability to fall and stay asleep. One that you may not have considered is chiropractic care. Many people find that they sleep better when receiving regular treatment and there are reasons why this happens.

Body Pain

In order to sleep, one must be able to relax. That just will not happen if you are experiencing pain. The neck, back, hips, and shoulders are common areas that hurt while reclining and don't allow the relaxation necessary for sleep. Pain in these areas is commonly caused by subluxations or compressed discs. Problems with vertebrae are especially troubling as they can put pressure on the spinal cord and cause pain, tingly, or numbness in almost any part of the body. Any of these sensations are likely to prevent quality sleep. Chiropractors are trained to examine the body and find any of these problems. They can then be adjusted, relieving the pain and allowing you to relax and sleep.


Headaches are another common type of pain that can interfere with sleep. Many people take painkiller medications. This can provide temporary relief, but it doesn't fix the problem and too much of any of these meds can be risky to your liver. There is also the possibility of addiction. Tension headaches and migraines are often caused by problems in the neck vertebrae. The pressure they place on the spine and cord is the culprit here as well. Headaches are another problem that may respond well to a chiropractor treating the source. Without the headaches, sleep improves.

Stress and Anxiety

There will always be a certain amount of stress and anxiety in life. It actually serves a useful purpose as worry tends to trigger us to do something to solve the problem. But chronic stress can be harmful to both physical and mental health and it certainly impacts sleep. It is very difficult for the body to relax when the mind is worried and occupied. There are chiropractic patients who find stress easier to manage when they are making regular visits. This may be connected to the peace of mind experienced by a body that is mobile, functional, and free from pain. Less stress and anxiety can be very helpful in improving sleep.

Sleep is one of the most important keys to good health and yet for many, it's one of the most elusive. There are several ways to improve sleep. One of the lesser-known is seeing a chiropractor. Consider a visit to The Joint Chiropractic. You don't need an appointment and you may find that regular visits help you sleep like a baby.

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