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3 Ways to End Laziness and Inactivity

By Genevieve Cunningham

Laziness is like a plague. It tends to settle in on us inconspicuously, but before we know it, we're more inactive than we've ever been. And what's worse, laziness makes that inactivity seem appealing. We don't want to give up. We don't want to exercise. We don't want to go out. Unfortunately, as we all know, laziness is a serious problem that can reduce our overall success and happiness. So what should we do? We have to nip it in the bud! If you're anxious to stop the laziness habit in your life, take a look at these tips to help you find your motivation once again. 

Make Small Attainable Goals

Sometimes we get lazy because it feels like we can never get anything done. We can't make that class at the gym, so why go at all? We won't finish that project tonight, so why not just wait until tomorrow? But this kind of thinking is what keeps us from doing anything at all. You don't have to finish the project -- just give it a little attention. If you want to beat laziness, make some goals that are small and attainable. Make it a goal to walk for 20 minutes outside. Make it a goal to only watch one hour of TV. These goals can be met without too much effort, which means we're going to feel more successful more quickly. And when we get that taste of success, it's a lot easier to keep working toward new goals.

Start With Tasks You Like

Laziness truly is a habit that's hard to beat, and part of that is because it feels good to be lazy. Or at least it does in the moment. To make the transition easier, start by doing tasks that you actually enjoy. Hate exercise? Then don't start with that. Start by getting up to cook a great meal or by taking your dog for a walk. Pick up a new interesting hobby that gets you up and moving. Invite friends out to do something fun. The more fun you make it, the easier it is to break the habit of lying around. Make a list of activities you enjoy, and pick one or two to get you moving in the right direction.

Don't Go All or Nothing

Keep in mind that this is not an all or nothing endeavor. You don't have to either lay on the couch with Netflix or run five miles. Nope. In fact, please don't take that approach. How about watching one episode while you do some squats and lunges? How about watching one episode and then going for a simple walk? Beating laziness is necessary for longevity, so think of this as a lifelong goal. Keep the process slow and steady, and you'll be more likely to stick with it and find long-term success. 

It's hard to beat laziness once it settles in. Once we start to do nothing, it seems that nothing is all we ever want to do! But it's completely possible to break this bad habit and get back to an active and healthy life. Use these tips to help turn it around and feel better about your health and your life in no time at all. 

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