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Diet Soda: Is This a Health Do or Don't?

By Genevieve Cunningham

Diet drinks. At one time, drinking a Diet Coke was the thing to do. It was popular and definitely considered the healthier option. Want to enjoy soda but in a healthier way? Just switch to diet! Over time, we’ve come to realize that this approach isn’t always the correct one. In fact, many people believe that diet drinks are even worse for our health than regular drinks. So what’s the truth? Should we drink diet sodas, or should we steer clear of all things sweet and carbonated? To make an informed decision for yourself, take a look at this quick info guide.

Why Choose Diet?

Most people choose diet when they want to decrease the amount of calories that they consume. If a soda contains 100 calories, a diet soda may contain 20 or 30 (or zero!). This allows us to drink to our heart’s content without dipping into our calorie reserve for the day. Another reason to choose diet is to decrease the amount of sugar that we eat on a regular basis. Though diet drinks have an alternative sweetener, they don’t contain any sugar, making them a safe bet for diabetics and sugar avoiders alike.

Why Avoid Diet?

In the past few years, many researchers are claiming that diet drinks are not the better choice. But why? Most of the time, this is due to the artificial sweetener used in these types of drinks. As it turns out, many of these sweeteners bring their own set of negative side effects. Some alternatives bring mild side effects, while other sweeteners are absolutely horrible for our well-being. How do we know the difference? Through research. If you choose to drink a particular diet drink, read about the kind of artificial sweetener that is used, any potential side effects, and choose appropriately. It’s also important to point out that even though there aren't any calories or much sugar, sodas of any kind provide zero in the way of nutrients or health benefits.

Which is Best for Me?

No matter what you decide to do about diet drinks, the best option is definitely a personal one, especially since every person reacts and responds differently to change. Talk with your doctor about what works best for your body, health, and long-term goals. If you really need the pick-me-up, choose wisely among the diet drinks that are available. If you can break the habit, that’s even better! Do what works for you, and protect your health for a lifetime of wellness.

Diet doesn’t always mean healthier. We all wish that it did, but in today’s world, we have to be wary about everything that goes into our bodies. Although water is the best option, if you currently drink diet sodas, do your research. Make sure that it doesn’t contain something that harms your body. If you currently drink regular sodas, determine if a switch is right for you. Be diligent, get informed, and you’ll be moving toward better health no matter what you decide. 

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