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5 Amazing Coffee Alternatives

By Emily Lindholm

I'll start by saying that I love coffee.  When my nutritionist told me to kick it to the curb, I looked at her like she asked me to remove my right foot.  The truth, I was relying on coffee.  Coffee has its own health benefits, but reliance on coffee can have the opposite effect.  I now drink coffee as a treat, which makes it much more enjoyable when the time is right. 

Drinking coffee every day can throw your blood sugar levels way out of whack, which can disturb your sleep, affect your mood, and rob you of electrolytes.  On the other hand, the benefits of kicking the addiction aspect to the curb include less mood fluctuation, more even levels of energy throughout the day, and better sleep.  

If you're not ready to kick caffeine entirely, no problem!  There are plenty of options that are easier on the system than coffee.  Let's look at these 10 wonderful coffee alternatives and their benefits.

Matcha tea - Matcha tea is green tea, but the whole leaf is used, so you receive the added antioxidant benefits.  The process includes taking the whole leaves and then steaming, drying, and grinding them into a fine powder.  For the best quality, stick to Japanese matcha.  

Yerba matt- Yerba matte has a caffeine content close to that of coffee, but it is less acidic and less jolty on the system.  Most popular in Argentina, it comes from the South American holly tree.  The taste has been described as smoky and slightly bitter.  It has an earthy aroma with a smooth texture going down.

Green tea - There are many high-quality green teas out there, and each provides a wide variety of benefits, including higher metabolism, a relaxation effect, antioxidants, and the ability to fight off certain cancers.  Green tea ranges in price, but give yourself the chance to experiment and find your favorites.

Oolong tea - Oolong tea grows famously in regions of China and Taiwan.  What makes this tea unique is the process of oxidation.  It is less oxidized than black tea but more oxidized than green tea.  It has about the same amount of caffeine as green tea, but it has its own decadent charisma to it, sometimes tasting a bit buttery with earthy tones.  

 Kombucha - Kombucha has grown in popularity and is even available on tap in certain bars.  Kombucha is a fermented beverage, made from a mushroom called a "scoby," an acronym for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. It is naturally carbonated from the fermentation process and can be an excellent source of probiotics.  Just be sure to check the sugar content.  Some companies add an excessive amount.

If you're trying to kick your coffee addiction to the curb but are not ready to go the full mile and kick caffeine altogether, these are some great options.  Try them all and see which is your favorite!  

To learn more about your health, wellness, and fitness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. 

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