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What's Zapping All Your Energy?

By Sara Butler

If you are feeling constantly as if you could use a nap, then you may be unknowingly doing something that is zapping all your energy. Here are a few of the most common energy zappers and what you can do to overcome them.

You're a Couch Potato

Believe it or not, sitting around and bingeing on Netflix can really take it out of you. When you watch the television or sit in front of your computer in the same position for long periods of time, then your body equates this kind of stillness with going to sleep, making you feel like you could nod off at any time.

You can combat this energy zapper by getting up and moving around at regular intervals. Frequent breaks can help you to stay alert and not feel so tired.

Practicing Poor Posture

Your body expends a lot of energy keeping you upright all day long. But when you slump, hunch, or cradle your phone between your shoulder and your ear for long periods, then your body has to spend even more energy to compensate for your poor posture.

It pays to ensure you're practicing good posture all the time by making sure your head is in line with your body when you're standing and sitting. Keep your ears over your shoulders and ask your chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic for some tips to help you keep things in line.

You're on a Crash Diet

If you're trying to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, fad and crash diets aren't going to help you get there in a healthy way. If you're on a very low-calorie diet or you're cutting out a food group from your diet totally, nutritional deficiencies can zap your energy.

If you want to reach and maintain a healthy weight, you should do it by cutting out highly processed foods, reducing portions, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. That can help you keep your energy up as you try to get healthier.

You Exercise Too Much

It turns out that you can get too much of a good thing. If you work out too much each day, then it can really zap your energy levels, make it more difficult for you to recover, and make you more susceptible to injury.

It's important to take a day off every few days from exercise to allow your body time to rest and rejuvenate. Just don't take off more than a couple of days in a row or you may fall out of your exercise habit -- and exercise when done right can actually help you keep your energy levels up!

If you don't have energy, then it's time to examine why!

To learn more about your health, wellness, and fitness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Houston, Tex.

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