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Fine-Tune Your Walk for Greater Success

By Tom Herrin

Anytime a new activity is begun, most want to do it in the best manner possible.  For a lot of activities, this means identifying the finer points of doing whatever it is in a more efficient way.  Some things seem to be so simple that there is little consideration given to going to that extra effort due to the fact that they think of it as second nature.  One of those activities is walking.  Just about everyone does it from an early age and may feel that they do a pretty good job of it. While that may be true to some extent, there are actually a few things that may be done to make that walk better.

There Is More to It Than Moving Your Feet

When people walk, it is actually a pretty synchronized motion.  The way people hold themselves as they walk is a fairly significant factor.  Holding the body more upright is important in breathing better.  It may also help avoid some soreness often caused by slumping.  Another good practice is to hold the chin parallel to the ground.  Imagining a string attached and pulling them up is one suggested strategy.  Another thing that may help with this is to focus on a point about 20 feet ahead.

A Good Stride Helps

Many people have trouble with the way they hit the ground as they walk.  This can seemingly beat up the feet and, sometimes, the rest of the body.  A good practice is to hit the ground with the heel the roll across the foot to the toes where they can push off.  This is largely what creates the propulsion to go forward.  The longer the foot is in contact with the ground, the better it is thought to be.  It is also better to have more of the foot behind the body rather than ahead.  Some people make the mistake of reaching too far ahead in an effort to sort of pull themselves along.

Let Walking Be Enjoyable

If you want to be more successful at walking, you may want to look at your own style and see the areas you may make improvements.  At one time, I dreaded doing much walking because it was physically stressful.  As I have found ways to improve my technique, I have begun to look forward to going each time.  When it becomes fun, we are much more motivated and eager to participate.

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