Are You a Leader Or a Follower?

By Sandy Schroeder

When we think about our life situations, the question of leadership is usually clear. Usually we know if we are leading or following. But sometimes we may wonder if we are in the wrong spot.

Being the boss or the parent automatically puts you in the driver’s seat, whether you want to be or not. I have known unmistakable leaders, and others who were simply leading because their titles said they should.

Answer these questions and see if you are really a follower or a leader.

Do You Always See Possibilities? Leaders usually look for positives, preferring to move ahead instead of focusing on current negatives. Followers may not see as many options.

Do You Make Decisions Easily? Followers may get caught in the middle, and waiver when it comes time to make a final decision to move forward. Leaders know that decisions are the only way to move forward. They weigh the situation and then make the best possible call.

Do You Accept Change? Leaders look for opportunity and keep the door open. Followers may fear the worst, and reluctantly accept change.

Do You Take Responsibility? Leaders step up to accept responsibility for their decisions. They see what can be done to correct errors, and learn from them. Followers may be eager to avoid association with errors.

Are You Always Looking for New Things? Followers usually accept the parameters of their job and work within them. Leaders never do. They start with their job and just keep looking for ways to go farther. That’s how many of them got to be leaders, by pushing farther to make things happen.

Do You Welcome New Approaches? Leaders know good ideas are welcome wherever they turn up. So they wecome input from their group. Followers tend to be more protective of their ideas and not quite as open to change.

Do You Know How to Stay Calm? True leaders manage to find ways to be calm in the midst of crisis. They know that things that go wrong can be fixed, and they do not expect everything to be smooth. Followers tend to see crisis as a prediction of the future.

Do You Get Really Involved? Leaders enjoy what they do, and are way into their work. They have other interests too, but work is a key part of their lives. Followers often see work as a must do, among the many things that they do.

Not all followers or leaders are identical. But the questions may give you an idea of where you are, helping you decide what to do next.

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