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Safely Getting Rid of that Crick in the Neck

By Sara Butler

Women Holding Neck Due To Neck Pain

There are mornings when you wake up and think to yourself, “What on Earth happened?” You may wonder if John Cena came in during the night and body slammed you while you were sleeping because that crick in your neck just isn’t natural. It’s got to be as fake as wrestling, right? While it would make a far more exciting story to tell the chiropractor that Cena paid you a visit with the Sandman, chances are you did something the day before to cause that crick -- with no professional wrestler in sight. So here you are, sore and maybe even severely limited in your range of motion, making it tough for even the simplest daily tasks to be completed. Yeah, that crick in the neck can be a real bummer.

Here at The Joint Chiropractic, we have no interest in going head to head with the likes of John Cena, but we don’t mind going a few rounds with a painful and stiff neck if it helps you feel better. Check out these options to help manage neck pain and injury.

Over the Counter Options

Over the counter medications won’t solve the problem but may help to make things a bit more tolerable. This treatment is suited for mild to moderate neck pain to help reduce inflammation and/or keep the pain level bearable as you move through your day. The only caveat is that this is a short-term solution. For severe and ongoing pain, more permanent solutions need to be explored.

Try Some Heat

That crick in the neck may simply need a little heat and stretching to feel better. Take a heating pad and place it on the area for no more than 10 to 15 minutes, then lightly stretch the area. The heat can help to relax tight muscles by increasing blood flow to the area, and the stretching can help to relieve muscle tension and tightness as well. Just make sure not to stretch in a way that will make the injury worse. The golden rule of stretching should always be to never stretch so far that you cause more pain. Be gentle!

If there’s no time for a heating pad, you can always apply a topical analgesic such as Icy Hot. But go easy on it -- you don’t want to give those around you flashbacks to the high school locker room.

Massage It

Massage has been around for thousands of years for one simple reason: it works. If the area can be comfortably reached, then give it a little rubdown to help release the tension -- or enlist the help of friends and family (we recommend puppy dog eyes: it works!) to rub it for you. As with applying heat, make sure that the massage doesn’t inflict pain. It’s supposed to be relaxing, not make you feel as if you’ve suddenly ended up in a Jakarta prison with a handsy cell mate named Big PeeWee.

Chiropractic Care

Of course, chiropractors at The Joint should always be your go-to when it comes to neck or back pain. They can help determine the root cause of the pain and help resolve it. Let’s face it, if the core of the problem is joint dysfunction or restriction, then none of the previous treatments we’ve mentioned are really going to fix it and you’ll inevitably be right back where you started -- wondering what on earth a behemoth like John Cena has against you. Regular chiropractic care helps promote natural healing and prevent injury, and is good preventive care against the likes of any WWE star.

The next time you wake up and wonder what happened, don’t delay -- get that stiff, sore neck down to The Joint Chiropractic fast to expedite your road to recovery. You don’t need an appointment and our pricing is much more affordable than hiring a private detective to hunt down a famous professional wrestler -- and the hospital bills you’ll incur once you confront him. We’ll get you the help you need to feel better!

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