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Chiropractic Tips for a Better Gym Workout

By Brandi Swieter 

Gym workouts can be great for the body, pumping up the muscles and helping people get in shape. Not everyone handles these workouts correctly, however, leaving some of the muscles overworked and sore after working too hard. Chiropractors have some tips for a better gym workout that helps people make the most out of what they’re doing.

Warm Up Before Working Out

The workout should never start without a proper warm-up. This means doing some simple stretches that will help to prepare the muscles for the tasks to come. Increasing the heart rate slightly is beneficial, so a few jumping jacks or a short walk can help.

Lift Correctly

Too many people attempt to lift heavy weights and work out their arms by bending down at the waist and grabbing the weights they need. This can put a lot of strain on the back and body and cause injury easily. Instead, men and women try to lift weights should bend at the knees and lift them with ease. The correct posture goes a long way in preventing injury and making sure people aren’t overdoing it.

Don’t Push Past the Pain

Some people believe they should push past the pain when working out. They often think pain means it’s working and they’re getting toned. Though some soreness is expected, no one should feel so much pain that they experience major discomfort. Never push past it and keep going. Once pain is felt the workout should stop.

Perform a Cooldown

A post-workout cooldown is one of the best things a person can do. It gives the heart a chance to relax and return to a normal rate. Stay moving during this period but at a slower pace than normal. Perform a few stretches. Walk around. Take the time to get the body back to its regular state before just heading out of the gym and going home.

With some chiropractic tips, gym goers can make the most out of their workout and avoid overusing their muscles and experiencing too much pain. Those who still experience aches after working out should visit The Joint Chiropractic for some relief. They can assess the body and determine if any joint restrictions are present that may be causing part of the problem.

To learn more about your health, wellness, and fitness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Phoenix, Ariz.

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