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Your Children's Future Could Depend On Sleep

By Tom Herrin

No matter what people do, there are certain things that can significantly affect their lives.  Forming good habits at earlier ages can last a lifetime.  When it comes to sleep, this still applies.  Children who get enough sleep will likely have a better educational opportunity, as well as greater success, in their physical activities.  It is well known that drivers who are sleep deprived are very similar in their impairment behind the wheel to a driver who is intoxicated.  Their judgment and reaction times have a lot in common.  Placing value on sleep should take a high priority among those everyday activities and parts of life.

Good Sleep Has A Lot to Give

Getting quality sleep can actually affect many different facets of life.  As already mentioned, children have much to gain.  Their memories and focus can be improved.  With the amount of labeling placed on children today, anytime their attention can be made better it is a good thing.  Sleep can also help with sharper ability to perform general mental functions that are needed every day, especially in school.  Athletic performance will always be at a higher level with adequate sleep.  

What About Adults?

For the bigger kids, the adults that is, many have bigger fish to fry.  Sleep can help control weight and lower stress.  Both of these are major problems for large numbers of people today.  Those who get enough sleep tend to have fewer accidents.  This can be as a driver, at home, or in the workplace.  Surely this has to do with sharper mental abilities as well as reaction time.  Those who are sleep deprived show much lower level of mental and physical function.

Improving Sleep is Often Personal

There are many things that may be preventing you from sleeping.  You pretty much have to start with one thing at a time and work through it.  Caffeine has long been known to keep people awake.  Some sounds or lighting can interfere with your ability to sleep.  Exercising too close to the time you go to bed can be a problem for some.  You may try adjusting your eating habits.  Eating too late or too much often cause problems.  There are also certain foods that can promote sleep while others do the opposite.  Don’t forget to look at room temperatures and bedding.  Good quality sleep may be a sum total of all of these things or a few individually.  Find out what works for you, and sleep well.

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