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Don't Fall for These Stretching Myths!

By Sara Butler

Stretching is an important part of any workout routine. It also helps to keep your whole body flexible, helps to increase the range of motion, and reduces muscle stiffness. Despite how important stretching is, myths surrounding it are pervasive. Here are a few of the most common stretching myths out there that you need to get right!

Myth No. 1: You Don’t Need to Stretch Before and After a Workout

It’s somehow become popular to think that stretching before or after a workout is the right thing to do, you just need to pick one. The truth of the matter is that you need to stretch both before you get going and after. Dynamic stretches incorporate active movements in order to help your muscles prepare for a workout. Static stretches involve holding stretches for long periods of time after a workout to help keep the muscles loose after they’ve been challenged. Both kinds of stretches are important to good health, so don’t skip either!

Myth No. 2: Hold Each Stretch for Up to a Minute

You don’t have to watch the clock when you’re stretching, you should be operating off of feel. The tighter your muscles are, the longer you need to hold the stretch. How long is that? Experts recommend you hold the stretch until you feel the release of tension and see an increase in the range of motion. Make sure, as you feel it release, you go deeper into the stretch, focusing on how the muscle responds. That’s way more important than any clock.

Myth No. 3: Stretching Is All You Need to Do

Your stretching routine will be more effective when you bring a foam roller into the mix. This is due to the fact that a foam roller helps to work out the knots in tight muscles and that helps them to release so that the stretches you perform are more effective.

Foam rolling has also been found in studies to reduce muscle soreness and helps to increase the range of motion. So, it’s a good thing to do no matter what and it will take your post-exercise stretching game up to another level!

For the best results, you should use a foam roller first, and then stretch. You will probably be able to feel a big difference!

Learn from these myths in order to keep your stretching routine healthy and avoid injury!

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