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Chiropractic Etiquette: What You Need to Do (and Don’t Do) on the Adjustment Table

By Sara Butler

Chiropractic Etiquette: What You Need to Do (and Don’t Do) on the Adjustment Table

Across the United States, one of the most common reasons for visits to medical professionals is back pain. Nearly 80 percent of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Why back pain occurs depends on many different factors, such as age and lifestyle -- even genetics. Many with back pain seek out chiropractic care for help.

Of course, back pain isn’t the only reason to seek the help of a chiropractor. Neck pain, joint pain, and chronic pain are also the impetus for many people looking to a chiropractor for help. Numerous people also use regular chiropractic care as a part of their plan to maintain overall health and wellness.

For those who are new to the world of chiropractic, you may be wondering about what to do -- and what not to do -- when you see the chiropractor. Sit back, relax those muscles, and practice good posture as you learn all about the do’s and don’ts of chiropractic care.

Why You Should See a Chiropractor

There are many reasons to seek care from a chiropractor. For some people, chiropractic treatments help them to treat issues such as muscle spasms or to improve their range of motion after an injury. Yet the truth is that you don’t need a specific reason at all to see the chiropractor except that you want to improve your quality of life and invest in your overall health.

Still, a chiropractor treats a variety of conditions and ailments that are often the reason people visit a chiropractor. Some of the most common reasons people receive chiropractic include:

  • To improve their posture
  • To reduce symptoms of headaches related to the neck
  • To help improve the range of motion in joints and reduce pain
  • To treat minor injuries of the spine and neck, such as whiplash
  • To help reduce symptoms of chronic conditions, such as arthritis, and relieve pain

Many people like chiropractic care because its hands-on treatments are natural and drug-free. Chiropractic simply assists your body in doing what it was made to do -- heal itself.

What Are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care?

Many benefits of chiropractic are important to know.

At the core of chiropractic treatment is the central nervous system, which includes your brain and spinal cord and the nerves that run the length of your body. This system controls every aspect of your body's functions. When there are joint dysfunctions present, the central nervous system simply can’t communicate as it was made to, which can lead to a host of problems. The spinal manipulations that the chiropractor delivers help to correct these affected areas, allowing the nervous system to communicate freely and perform as it was made to perform.

When your body is working as it should and performing optimally, then every other system will be as well.

The bottom line is this: You don’t have to be in pain to benefit from chiropractic care.

The Do’s and Don’ts When Seeing a Chiropractor

Those who have never been to the chiropractor before may not know what to expect during a chiropractic visit. The good news is that there is nothing to worry about -- chiropractic care is easy and chiropractors love to educate, so ask any questions you may have. You just need to keep a few things in mind.

Some things you want to make sure you do include the following.

Relax - Before, during, and after your chiropractic adjustment, you want to make sure you do your best to remain as relaxed as possible. When you’re having an adjustment done, it will go a lot smoother if you can stay relaxed and let the chiropractor do their work.

Breathe - It’s a good idea to focus on your breathing. This will help you do the first thing, which is to relax. It will also help your body because it will allow the most movement in your joints, allowing you to get the most benefit from the chiropractic adjustment.

Stay positive -- Be open to the process of chiropractic adjustment. If you are spending your time at the chiropractor focusing on the things in your life that are making you tense or worried, then you won’t get all the benefits your chiropractic adjustment can offer.

As far as things you shouldn’t do, there are also a few things to keep in mind. You want to avoid the following.

Resisting - Don’t fight the adjustment. There may be points where resisting will work against what the chiropractor is trying to do, which is to restore proper motion and alignment of your joints. Plus, resisting can make it more difficult for the chiropractor to do their job. If you’re unsure about what is going on, then talk to your chiropractor. They love to explain what they’re doing as they do it.

Helping - It’s admirable to want to be helpful during the spinal adjustment, but you’re far better off just letting the chiropractor do their work. Remember, the chiropractor is highly trained and knows the position they need your body to be in to achieve their specific goals in the adjustment. If you attempt to help, you may be making it more difficult.

Worrying - You shouldn’t worry, an adjustment is not meant to hurt. Most people love the feeling of being adjusted and feel refreshed afterward. If you are uncomfortable at any point, let the chiropractor know and do your best to focus on your breathing and relaxing your muscles. Worrying will only lead to resistance, so that’s a definite don’t!

One of the best things about chiropractic care is that it is tailored to each patient. Working with your chiropractor on a course of treatment and putting that treatment into action is a positive step in taking control of your health and wellness. Even if you’re nervous the first time, you will become more comfortable the more you see the chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic.

Remember, chiropractic care is a great tool to use to assist your body’s healing process. As long as you do your part, your body will take care of the rest!

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