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Chiropractic: The First Line of Defense for Quality Family Time

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Healthy Family Swimming

Let’s face it, there is nothing more important than family. Today, the need for closeness seems greater than ever. After all, family members are the very extension of who we are and our legacy for generations to come. Although what we say, how we act, and our acts of kindness all reveal how much we love someone, most agree it is actually perceived by those closest to us as time. With time being the most valuable asset we have, the amount we spend with others is a major indicator of how much they mean to us. Do you want to make the most of it?

Attaining and maintaining good health is of utmost importance if we are to enjoy our time -- and spend it in the highest quality manner -- with our loved ones. There are many things we can do to improve our health and family relationships, but have you considered the impact of a properly functioning spine? Have you ever thought about how your spine may affect your family relationships? To better understand how the two may relate to one another, let’s look at some amazing health facts related to your spine.

Pain is a major deterrent in people’s lives. Approximately 80 percent of Americans suffer from some form of back pain during their lives. Back pain is also a leading cause behind disability claims in the United States. Over 120 muscles and 220 individual ligaments are contained in the spine. These ligaments keep the vertebrae interconnected, which is paramount to keeping the spine, as well as the nerves it’s protecting within the spinal cord, stable. The spine has an excellent memory; as such, it’s recommended that you take care to provide it with proper support from a young age. Maintaining proper range of motion in the spine is paramount to controlling pain, promoting an active lifestyle and enabling you to enjoy a higher quality of life with those you love.

Your spine is your body’s command center, your first line of defense against everything. An aligned spine, one that is allowing your nervous system to communicate freely, gives you the ability to respond positively to whatever life throws your way. When spinal joints are functioning properly your body can:

  • Feel Better - Your body can minimize pain and discomfort. You are able to experience that healthy feeling again. Don’t miss out because you don’t feel well.

  • Function Better - Your body can move better with fewer joint restrictions. Your immune system is able to function as it was intended. Attain peak form and perform at your peak.

  • Work Better - Your mental health and emotional stability can improve. Clarity of mind makes for better decision-making.

  • Play Better - Your lifestyle can improve. When you are more active, you are able to experience happy, memorable moments with comfort.

  • Communicate Better - Your desire to interact with others can improve when you feel better. You are more capable of dealing with, and positively responding to, the events of life, including stress.

How Chiropractic Can Help

When one or more joints become restricted in the spine, it causes a lack of motion that, in turn, can cause an interruption of the nerve communication from the brain to the body. This interruption can affect the cells, tissues and organs of the body many times inhibiting your performance. Licensed doctors of chiropractic (such as those at The Joint Chiropractic), referred to as DCs, apply a gentle, targeted movement to the restricted joints to improve motion of the body’s spinal column and extremities, thereby enhancing nerve function. This highly controlled procedure is known as a chiropractic adjustment.

As you can see, visiting a chiropractor is more than just having your back “cracked.” Having a spine that is free from nerve interference is your first line of defense to life’s unexpected events. In addition, a properly functioning spine may result in better decisions, better health, better experiences, better memories and better moments of laughter and joy. If family is important to you, then these things will be important to you as well.

As such, if family is important and these elements contribute to improve your quality of life -- happiness, anyone? -- then make chiropractic a part of your wellness lifestyle and have your spine checked for joint dysfunctions. Whether suffering from pain or not, keeping your body functioning at its peak may be one of the best investments you will ever make if for no other reason than you’re more productive. More and more people are experiencing the benefits of routine chiropractic care. They are learning that chiropractic makes a much better vitamin than it does an aspirin; unlike medicine that masks a problem, chiropractic aims to fix the root cause of the problem. Discover how millions of Americans have not only found relief from pain, but also a pathway to wellness and a healthier, more active lifestyle by making chiropractic part of their healthy habit regimen.

The quality of time spent with the most important people in your life is worth obtaining.

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