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Huddle Up: Knee Injuries and the Benefit of Chiropractic

By Dr. Molly Casey

Football Huddle

It’s fall. It’s football season. It’s knee injury time. This is certainly not the only time of year knee injuries are seen, but it’s common to see more of them in autumn because of the sports season. The degree of injury dictates the degree of treatment rendered. Most knee injuries respond well to conservative care. Chiropractic care is an excellent option that has great success with certain types of knee injuries.

Anatomy and Function

The knee joint is complex. There are three bones, two menisci, four ligaments, and numerous tendons and muscles. Because there are a number of different structures, there are a number of different ways in which to hurt the knee itself. The primary movement of the knee is flexion and extension. The joint does allow for minimal rotation to right or left.

Common Injuries

Because there are numerous structures involved with this joint, there are a plethora of injuries that can occur. Common injuries are:

  • IT band syndrome - Pain that occurs on the outside/lateral aspect of the knee resulting from a tight tendinous muscle along the outside/lateral aspect of the thigh
  • Mensicus tear - A tear or irritation in the fibrous cushioning within the joint
  • Runner’s knee - Tight quadriceps causing pain in the front of the knee because of the pulling
  • Patello-femoral pain syndrome - A general term to describe knee pain from a variety of causes


First and foremost, chiropractic is about the health and optimal functioning of the body’s nervous system, the master control system. If an injury occurs anywhere in the body, it’s wise to first get the spine checked by a chiropractor and, if appropriate, adjusted to restore spinal motion and health. This in turn allows the nervous system, the master communication system, to function optimally, thus facilitating proper repair and healing to the injured areas.

A chiropractor can also manipulate the knee joint. Restricted knee joint range of motion can contribute to the actual injury itself and/or it can be a result. Restoration of proper range of motion is important in both the prevention of, and the healing from, knee injuries. Full range of motion will require the workload of the joint be distributed as it is intended. In turn, this allows for assessment of needs such as muscle/tendinous stretching, muscle strengthening or proprioception (joint position) training.

Chiropractors can recommend engagement in certain stretches or exercises to promote proper joint function and healing. Should you find yourself dealing with a knee injury or looking to prevent one because of your activity level, let the chiropractors at The Joint Chiropractic help you and your knees this fall.

Just because you love sports doesn’t mean you have to become a statistic. Or spend more time than necessary on the sidelines.

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