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How to End the Mindless Chatter in Your Head

By Genevieve Cunningham

We all have thoughts that roll through our heads all day long. We think and worry about bills, health, work, and all of the things that we have to get done. Thinking is good. Thinking is normal. Right? For the most part, yes! But what happens when these thoughts become unhealthy? What happens when these thoughts become a constant chatter that make us worry and worry and worry? Constant fretting is bad for mental health … but how do we make it stop? If your thoughts sometimes get the better of you and make you feel emotionally unwell, take a look at these tips for making the chatter stop.

Why Does the Chatter Matter?

Some people have been listening to the chatter in their minds for so long, they really don’t understand that it’s even a problem. Everyone’s brain is nonstop, right? Yes and no. It’s true that everyone has thoughts all day every day. But some people allow those thoughts to consume them. When you have an endless stream of noise, it can cause anxiety, stress, and physical decline of the body. Thoughts are OK, but obsessive or intrusive thoughts are not. They keep you from being your best self -- mentally, emotionally, and physically.

What are Tips to Silence It?

If you think that your thoughts are causing you problems, there may be a few ways to diminish the noise and feel a little more peace and quiet on a daily basis. Some of these may include:

  • Exercise - Exercise allows you to focus your mind and energy somewhere else. Instead of allowing your thoughts to wreak havoc, you can pour all of your thoughts into your routine. At first, it will be difficult to switch gears. But as you continue to work out, your stressful thoughts will melt away and you’ll be left with a clear mind and fit body.

  • Meditation - This is the king of understanding your own thoughts. You’ll need a quiet space and just a little time alone … that’s it! Sit quietly, listen to your mind as an observer, and let your thoughts roll through. Don’t grab them and obsess over them. Just let them float from one side to the other until they leave. It takes a lot of practice, but most people who practice meditation find their thoughts calm down significantly and their life becomes more peaceful than ever.

  • Deep breathing - Deep breathing allows you to calm your thoughts in any moment. Don’t have time to meditate? Can’t sneak away for some exercise? Just relax and take some very deep, slow breaths. As you breathe out, let the obsessive thoughts go with your breath. This is a technique that calms you down in a pinch when the chaos of your mind begins to spin out of control.

Thoughts are healthy and normal. But chaos in the mind? No one wants or needs that in their life. Use these tips to quiet the noise and beat the anxiety that comes with it. With some practice and self-care, you can find a little peace and calm to make everyday life better than ever.

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