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The Joint Chiropractic - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Welcome to The Joint Chiropractic - Fort Lauderdale! As your Fort Lauderdale chiropractor dedicated to family chiropractic and spine health, we invite you to join the millions of Americans who have not only found relief from lower back pain, sciatica pain, and migraines, but also a pathway to wellness with chiropractic's natural, drug-free approach to healthcare.

How can chiropractors at The Joint Chiropractic in Fort Lauderdale help you?

Whether you have seen a chiropractor in the past or are seeking a local chiropractor near you for the first time, expect your visit to The Joint Chiropractic - Fort Lauderdale to be different from any healthcare experience you've had before. Perhaps even life-changing.

Here are a few reasons why The Joint Chiropractic in Fort Lauderdale is your perfect destination for pain relief and preventative care:

  • Conveniently Located
  • Open Nights & Weekends
  • No Appointments Required
  • No Insurance Hassles, Requirements or Copays
  • Quality Chiropractic Care by Licensed Professionals
  • Affordable Personalized Care Plans

As you can see, chiropractic care provided by the licensed chiropractors at The Joint offers you and your family an affordable, convenient and accessible solution like no other.

How can routine chiropractic care help improve your quality of life?

Through manual manipulation of the spine delivered to the highest standards by licensed chiropractors, chiropractic care works to restore and maintain proper communication from your brain to your body by relieving what chiropractors refer to as a subluxation, or a misalignment, of the spine. Restoring proper alignment to the spine can assist with pain relief and prevention of:

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Migraine and Tension Headaches
  • Shoulder Pain and Elbow Pain
  • Knee, Foot and Ankle Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Chronic Injuries
  • And More!

So whatever “symptoms” you or your family may be experiencing, visit our Fort Lauderdale chiropractic office today to learn more about how you could improve your overall health and well-being. And remember, you never need an appointment to visit, so stop in when it is convenient for you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Meet The Doctors

Dr. Heston Moy, D.C. is a Clinic Director, Chiropractor at Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Heston Moy joined The Joint Chiropractic in 2021 when he became part of the team at the Fort Lauderdale clinic, where he does the rewarding work of helping people as their local healthcare provider.

“As a profession, I believe we can improve the health and welfare of our patients in a safe and natural manner,” he says. “I believe we can help people reconnect and restore their bodies so that they may perform at their highest level in all aspects of their lives.

“There is no cookie-cutter approach to chiropractic. I understand that no two patients are alike and what works for one does not necessarily work for all.”

Dr. Moy was raised in Newark, N.J., and in his spare time enjoys traveling and spending time with his two daughters.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in biology/chemistry from Montclair State University (N.J.), and an MPA in health management from Keller Graduate School of Management. He earned his doctorate from D’Youville College in Buffalo, N.Y.

“After being involved in a car accident, I ended up with multiple disc bulges,” Dr. Moy says. “The only option I was given at the time was to take medications and go through multiple injections on my mid and lower back. After a year of going through it with no long-lasting relief, I decided to go to a chiropractor, and after a few months of treatment, my pain had drastically reduced and I was able to completely stop the use of medication and injections. At this point, I wanted to not just be a patient of chiropractic but also someone who could help someone in the same position I was in.”

Dr. Moy loves being at the sunny Fort Lauderdale clinic “and meeting new people from all walks of life.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

Dr. Moy thinks “the most important thing in my kitchen is ketchup; I add it to everything from eggs to rice.”

If he could meet any four famous people from the past or present day, he would love to sit down at a dinner party with Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Albert Einstein, and Jesus Christ. “Kevin and Dwayne would provide amazing comedic entertainment and it would be an opportunity to learn about their life stories and how they became the people they are today,” he says. “I would pick Einstein’s brain to learn everything I can about his thought process. Most important would be Jesus, and it would be an absolute honor to be in his presence.”

Dr. Moy says the most amazing thing he has witnessed was the birth of his daughters and the impact it had on him. “At that moment I realized there is nothing in this world that matters but that little person,” he says. “In my mind I became both Superman and a marshmallow all at once: Superman because there is nothing I wouldn’t be able to do to protect them, but also a marshmallow because I’d realized that in their eyes they had the ability to make me do anything they’ll ever want.”

Dr. George Campbell, D.C. is a Chiropractor, Clinic Director at Fort Lauderdale

Dr. George Campbell became part of The Joint Chiropractic family of local healthcare providers in 2019 when he joined the East Coral Springs clinic location. A graduate of D’Youville College in Buffalo, N.Y., he received a bachelor’s degree in psychology along with his doctorate of chiropractic.

“The best thing about being in the chiropractic field is seeing how my athletic and psychology background can truly make an impact in people’s lives,” he says. “The other thing I love is seeing the amount of passion and care that my peers have for their patients. Caring is so important.“

Dr. Campbell worked previously in his hometown Pittsburgh, Pa., as well as Hampton, N.H.; Buffalo, N.Y.; and Knoxville, Tenn.

When he can, he enjoys spending time with his son, traveling, mountain biking, competing in endurance events, and learning new sports. He also likes traveling, cooking, and experiencing new foods and restaurants.

Dr. Campbell was a certified personal trainer and an owner/operator of fitness centers in Boston and Pittsburgh. “One unfortunate day, I was involved in an auto accident that truly changed my life forever,” he says. “I went from running triathlons to not being able to walk down a flight of stairs. I experienced many different forms of care in my recovery, but what truly made a difference was chiropractic.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

Dr. Campbell loves tacos, and makes sure that “every day is taco Tuesday” in his household. If he could bring together any people from history for the dinner party of his dreams, Dr. Campbell would love to bring together Ray Kroc, Peter Dukes, and Oprah Winfey.

“Kroc was behind the McDonald’s empire but he didn’t do it by building the best burger, but using real estate upon which the restaurant sits is the primary business,” he says. “Peter Dukes is the creator of the pumpkin spice latte and I’m very curious to know what inspired him. It would be interesting to talk to Oprah about how she is perceived as an icon and how she deals with the love and respect for her.”

When it comes to the most gratifying experiences of his life, Dr. Campbell says that winning a triathlon ranks at the top. “The reason for this is because of how much self-dedication, training, self-discipline, and focus it took to accomplish such a feat,” he says. “For me, it was more psychological, and the reward was tremendous. Ultimately, this gave me the satisfaction of what hard work and dedication can bring when you commit to something.”

Dr. Keegan Mente, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Keegan Mente came to the Fort Lauderdale clinic location of The Joint Chiropractic team in 2022, where he enjoys the role of local healthcare provider and does the work he finds so fulfilling.

“The thing I like best about being in the chiropractic field is seeing people get their lives back,” he says. “It’s rewarding to hear from patients about the activities they are able to do that they couldn’t do before.”

Dr. Mente was raised in eastern Iowa where chiropractic was founded, and he worked previously in Bend, Ore., and Iowa City.

In his spare time, Dr. Mente enjoys the company of his doberman pinscher and spending time outdoors biking, traveling, and exploring new places.

He earned his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic after having earned a bachelor’s degree in human performance and fitness from another Davenport, Iowa, college: St. Ambrose University.

“I was introduced to chiropractic in high school,” Dr. Mente says. “I was constantly injured in sports but chiropractic helped me get back to optimum performance much better and faster than traditional medicine. Natural healing and alternative medicine has always resonated with me more.”

His most memorable moment as a chiropractor was life-changing: “The one that stands out to me is helping a patient walk again with no help after being stuck in a wheelchair for 10-plus years.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

If Dr. Mente could bring together any four people from history for his ideal dinner party, he would include some great thinkers: “Leonardo Da Vinci because he is one of the most widely talented people to ever live, Aristotle because of his discoveries, Nikola Tesla because of his inventions, and Henry Ford for his sense of business.”

A book that has been influential to Dr. Mente is 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson “because it offers a great insight for how to live your life.”

He says the one staple he always keeps stocked in his refrigerator are eggs: “They are very versatile and nutritious.”

Dr. Kenneth Boecker, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Kenneth Boecker became part of The Joint Chiropractic’s team of local healthcare providers in 2020 when he began serving residents in the Houston area, where he continues doing the work he finds so gratifying.

“I love the opportunity to support my patients in their pursuit of a wellness-focused lifestyle,” he says. “I appreciate that it challenges me daily to live what I profess to others.” Dr. Ken, as his patients call him, grew up in the birthplace of modern chiropractic medicine, Davenport, Iowa, as well as Williamsburg, Va.

He enjoys spending time with his partner, who is an amateur fitness competitor, so it’s no surprise that Dr. Ken pursues aerobic exercise several times per week. He has also become interested in exposomal studies -- the impact that exposure to various things over a lifetime can have on your health. “I try to keep my body and mind sharp,” he says.

He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, where he earned his doctorate, after graduating from University of Northern Iowa with a degree in finance -- ironically, just after “Black Monday.”

“Growing up in the backyard of Palmer College, everyone knew about chiropractic,” he says. “I slid off a cliff when I was 18 and injured my low back. I could not jog over a couple miles without significant pain until I began getting adjusted. Later in life I began seeking a career change, was driving through Atlanta, and saw a billboard for Life Chiropractic College. In my mind’s eye, that sign was rimmed in neon lights with fireworks going off behind and above it.”

That pivotal moment led Dr. Ken to several memorable experiences, including treating athletes at William and Mary University. Another notable experience took place while taking part in a weeklong clinic in Fiji. “Providing care to people, many of whom had not had any form of medical care for months or years,” he says. “Several came back later in the week and described sleeping better or feeling better than they had in weeks, months, or years.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

Dr. Ken loves to start his day with coffee. “Nothing’s better in the morning, except maybe bacon, which I don’t do daily like my coffee.”

If he could sit down to dinner with any four figures from history, Dr. Ken would send invitations to the Apostle Paul, Indian activist Mahatma Gandhi, antiseptic pioneer Ignaz Semmelweis, and civil rights activist Malcolm X. “I’d like to ask Paul why he went to the extent he did not having actually encountered Jesus directly,” Dr. Ken says. “Gandhi to ask about his quote distinguishing fear from hate, Eemmelweis to ask how he had the courage to stand by his convictions in spite of the persecution he endured, and Malcolm X to ask how his pilgrimage changed his perspective and what he had planned to do after returning before he was shot.”

His greatest memory was his high school year spent studying in Stockholm, Sweden. “It was a great experience for a young person to open their eyes to the scope of the world beyond what one otherwise knows growing up in a small town in the U.S.,” he says. “And I fell in love with that city.”

One of his favorite books is A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken, an autobiography that explores the relationship with his wife, friendship with CS Lewis, conversion to Christianity, and eventual tragedy.

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In a recent Consumer Reports study, chiropractic outperformed prescription medication, deep-tissue massage, yoga, pilates, and over-the-counter medication therapies, in treating back pain. 1

1 Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center. Back-Pain Treatments.; July 2011.

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