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A Strong Back Is Just One Benefit of Good Posture

By Paul Rothbart

Back pain is one of the worst things there is. It makes so many activities difficult to perform and it hurts all the time. Regular adjustments by a licensed chiropractor are a great idea and will certainly help to eliminate the pain, but there are things you can do on your own to help. Practicing good posture will keep the spine straight, the back strong, and reduce the pain between chiropractic visits. There are also other benefits. Here are some good reasons to sit up straight and stop slouching. 

Stronger Joints

Slumping and slouching not only stress the back, they also put strain on joints. Poor posture can stress the hips, neck, and shoulders while sitting or walking. Keeping the back straight, the head up, and the shoulders down while walking or running will prevent strain on the knees. Maintaining correct alignment of the spine will strengthen all of these joints and prevent pain. 

Lessen the Chance of Headaches

Poor posture often involves keeping the head down, which curves the neck. Some people do this constantly as they look at their phones. This position strains the muscles and upper part of the spine and frequently causes tension headaches. It may also cause inflammation that can make you feel dizzy or strain your eyes. Good posture will reduce the chance of a headache.

Better Breathing

Good posture aids respiration. With a straight back, the shoulders back, and the head up, the lungs have more space to expand. Taking in and expelling air becomes easy. The body gets more air with less effort. This will produce more energy and stamina. It's a boost to exercise as well, allowing longer, more efficient workouts that burn more calories.

Improved Digestion

This one is probably quite surprising but good posture does aid digestion. Slouching crunches the abdomen, reducing its volume and making the work of the digestive system harder. Sitting up and standing straight can reduce heartburn and other digestive issues. 

More Confidence

Sitting and standing upright with the head up has a physiological effect that improves self-esteem. It allows you to look people in the eye and meet them on equal footing. It can also make you feel taller and provides a nice boost to self-confidence.

Practicing good posture keeps the back healthy. But as you now know, it has other, unexpected benefits, both physical and mental. Remember what your teachers always said: "Don't slouch." Stand tall and keep those joints strong between visits to The Joint Chiropractic.

To learn more about your health, wellness and fitness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Minneapolis, Minn.

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