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What Are the Best Vitamins?

By Janin Hendry

Vitamins come from the plants, meats, and fish we eat and drink. They also come from the sun, earth, and sky we live in. They are the building blocks of our bodies, but what do we need for good physical and mental health?

What Are the Best Vitamins?

Information about vitamins can be overwhelming. We're here to help.

Multivitamin - A multivitamin is the best way to go for most people. A multivitamin will provide your body with most of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function correctly. It will also provide you with vitamins you do not normally ingest through a regular balanced diet.

Vitamin B - B vitamins can come in one vitamin or several, depending on your body's needs. B vitamins do everything from convert food into energy to help you grow up or grow your hair. They can help you to maintain healthy levels of carbohydrates in your body and keep it operating smoothly.

Vitamin C - Extra Vitamin C is a helpful vitamin to add to your daily routine. Vitamin C plays a huge role in the immune defense of your body. When people at work or school start sneezing, make sure you have your Vitamin C ready to boost your immune system.

Vitamin D3 - Vitamin D is a nutrient we take from food, but also the sun. Vitamin D is a good choice for the dark, cold winter months and areas with limited sunshine. It can help you stay active and feeling your best during dark times.

Vitamin K - Vitamin K is in leafy vegetables and is essential for your bloodstream. Vitamin K causes your blood to clot after you hurt yourself and provides your blood with the right consistency to deliver other key vitamins around your body.

What Foods Should You Eat?

Getting vitamins from your food is as easy as consuming a well-balanced diet full of lean, healthy meats, vegetables, and fruits. Your body takes each healthy food and breaks it down into its components to send it around your body. There are many good choices for vitamins and minerals, but there are some that stand apart.

Apples - An apple a day is one of the best sources of antioxidants you can consume for a healthy snack or dessert. They are full of fiber and can help you maintain a healthy balance for your bloodstream. They play a key role in keeping your heart and brain health and a huge serving of fiber to your diet.

Eggs - Eggs come full of protein to help your muscles stay strong and healthy. They also balance your blood sugar and can help you include healthy fat in your diet.

Spinach - Spinach can help prevent muscular degeneration and give your muscles large amounts of C and E vitamins. It can help keep your heart healthy while providing your body with a large dose of antioxidants.

Lean chicken- Organic chick can give you a good source of protein without raising your blood pressure. It is an excellent meat to add to multiple meals and can help you slim off pounds when cooked without breading or skin.

Food is an important component of overall health. Making good choices can fill your body with vitamins and minerals that will keep it running strong for the duration of your life. Good choices now and in the future can lead to a long and happy life.

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