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5 Tips for Better Snow Handling

By Brandi Swieter

With regular snowfall during the winter months, residents of snowy states need to know how to best handle their shoveling duties. No one should head outside without first knowing the proper way to get the job done without hurting the back or body. Something as simple as shoveling can cause strain in the body if people aren’t careful. With some tips for better snow handling, any individuals getting the task done can do it in a safer way.

Never Shovel After Eating

Many people have heard the rule about not swimming immediately after eating, but the same applies to shoveling as well. Any increased physical activity should not be done directly after consuming food due to the risk for heart problems occuring. The cold weather can constrict the arteries and make blood clot more easily. It’s ideal to wait at least 30 minutes to let the food settle before attempting to handle outdoor winter chores.

Stretch Before Shoveling

Before any shoveling gets done, individuals need to stretch their bodies. It helps to ensure the muscles are more relaxed and not tense and tight. The body will be more flexible and able to take on the task. Failure to stretch could lead to pulled muscles and injuries if people do not use extreme caution.

Do Not Fill the Shovel

Too many shovelers fill the shovel completely, making it heavy to lift. This puts far too much strain on the body and should be avoided. Instead, only fill the shovel about halfway, or be sure to push the snow to the edge of the lawn rather than lifting and tossing it over.

Take Regular Breaks

It is important to take breaks during any type of physical activity, and this includes shoveling. Do not sit outside for an hour straight shoveling the entire driveway. Instead, shovel for 15 minutes, get a drink of water and stretch again, and return to shoveling. These regular breaks will ensure the body does not become overly exhausted from the work.

Shovel Fresh Snow

Fresh snow is light and easy to shovel. It will not feel heavy or put a significant burden on the body as it gets lifted and moved off the ground. Never wait to shovel until the snow has been packed down, and avoid shoveling chunks of ice. These are far heavier and will put strain on the body that it cannot handle for long periods.

Safe shoveling and proper snow handling is necessary for anyone living in a state that sees a white winter. Those who have already experienced pain from shoveling should seek the assistance of a chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic to receive an adjustment and eliminate aches.

To learn more about your health, wellness, and fitness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Arnold, Mo.

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