Chiropractic Care and the Golf Swing


Golf is often dismissed as not being a “real” sport. Whether it is golf’s relatively low physical exertion levels, the condition of athletes playing golf, the longevity that the sport of golf can have in an athletes career, or anything else that provides the opportunity to shed negative light on the sport, these aspects are commonly the subject of critical quips from athletes and fans of other sports.

However, what many do not realize is that golf is quite strenuous on the body and that chiropractic care can be looked to as a solid treatment option for golfers of any level.The ability for chiropractic care to improve an athlete’s performance varies depending on the musculoskeletal condition of the athlete in question but overall, there is a generally a higher level of acceptance of chiropractic care in the athletic community than in other potential patient populations. Many sports place stringent requirements on the musculoskeletal system and athletes need more than just regular training to meet those requirements.

What makes golf so strenuous is the high amount of repetition of the same movements. Golfers walk through the course for long periods of time, which places stress on the back and knees even if carts are being used. With respect to the actual golf swing, the movements involve twisting of the spine and excessive use of the hips to bring the club through the swing. This process places tons of force on different parts of the spine throughout all stages of the golf swing, which presents ample opportunity for misalignment to occur.

Chiropractic care can be tailored to the needs of any patient and in golfers, chiropractors have the ability to look specifically at the patient’s swing to determine what movements may be causing stress or injury. The use of video recording in golf has given patients the ability to bring their swing to a medical professional and get insight into what could be causing injury or pain. They can then confer with their teacher or coach to see if making certain swing adjustments will impact their performance and then make an informed decision regarding how to move forward.

This is just one way that chiropractic care can be applied to golfers, but if more golfers are accepting of what chiropractic care can do for their swing, their game, and their musculoskeletal health overall, then we might see this patient population more inclined to seek treatment with a chiropractor.

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