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Healthy Ways To Make Senior Fitness a Reality


We have all known seniors who simply choose not to slow down. They work a lot, play more and seldom look or act their age. If I had to guess I think those seniors figured out what the keys to fitness can do very early.

The American Chiropractic Association makes it clear, fitness is the critical path to take, as they emphasize how destructive sedentary lifestyles can be on health.

Just as ACA sees exercise as mandatory, so should we. Wherever we are on the age charts, most of us have learned that unused muscles tend to shrink and lose power rapidly. When seniors do this on a large scale, 24-7 basis the effects can be devastating.

I have seen seniors fall and gradually just stop as they struggle through pain and rehabilitation. But I have also seen other seniors fall, pick themselves back up, and get the help they need to regain their lives. That’s a critical choice.

Walking Can Be A Good Strategy

ACA says walking can be a key activity. Start with a third of a mile a day for three days a week for a month. Then the distance can be doubled gradually working up to a mile, three days a week. Walking affects the elasticity in blood vessels making them less likely to form aneurysms or to rupture. Walking usually causes some soreness in calves and thighs, but if it more than that stop and check with your doctor and your chiropractor.

Stretching Can Maintain Activity

All of the things we take for granted, like bending down to pick things off of the floor or reaching for things on the top shelf can become almost impossible if stretching is not maintained. Loss of stretching power can also cause seniors to bow forward and become stooped as their ligaments tighten. This can impact normal breathing too.

ACA’s At Home Stretching Exercises

Sit on the floor and bend one leg to the side and back as far as possible to get a relaxed stretch.
Stretch back leg muscles. Put hands on a wall with one foot flat on the floor behind you. Then lean into the wall.
Or stand up straight similar to a standing yoga pose. Reach toward the ceiling and then bend forward reaching for the floor.

A Visit to the Chiropractor

Chiropractors see seniors in all different conditions and they are equipped to help seek pain solutions and find ways to keep moving. The initial visit begins with a spinal adjustment to evaluate spinal health. Then a full medical history and a review of daily activities follow. The chiropractor’s goal will be to identify the problems and seek solutions without using medications or surgery.

When seniors come looking for ways to stay active the chiropractor is well equipped to give them safe suggestions, along with healthy diets, weight loss solutions, and stretching and relaxation exercises. In many cases the chiropractor may make the difference, serving as a tune up spot and fitness guide to keep seniors moving, in touch with their goals and their lives.

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