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How to Make the Most of Your Sleep

Sometimes, we just aren’t going to get enough sleep. Wait...let’s rephrase that. Most of the time, we just aren’t going to get enough sleep. Our lives are just too busy. We have a million things to do, and definitely not enough hours in the day. Since you are unlikely to suddenly have a clear schedule anytime soon, check out these tips not for getting more sleep, but for improving the sleep that you do manage to get.

No Electronics

Since you may only be getting between 4 and 7 hours of sleep on any given night, it’s important to make those hours count. To do this, turn off distractions. Try to leave electronics out of the bedroom, and by all means, turn off the television. If you can’t go to sleep without the tv, set it up on a timer to turn itself off. The lack of electronic devices will help you sleep deeper and without interruption. It’s also a good idea to turn off lights and other glowing objects. These will only creep through your subconscious and keep you from reaching the deepest level of sleep.

Get Comfortable

When you are already not getting enough sleep, it can be tempting to just roll into bed in whatever you are already wearing. This only gets in the way of quality sleep. Instead, go through your bedtime routine no matter the time of night. If it’s already late, just make it shorter. Get into some comfortable pajamas, wash your face, and make sure your covers are to your liking. This will improve your chances of staying asleep once you hit the dream world.

Avoid Alcohol

It is actually true that alcohol can help you fall asleep. Why is it bad then? Because alcohol won’t help you stay asleep. In fact, if you drink before bed, you are more likely to wake up in the middle of the night. You’re also less likely to reach the deepest level of sleep. So, while it might seem like a good idea since you can fall asleep so easily, it’s actually preventing you from getting the quality sleep that can keep you moving.

Give Up Afternoon Stimulants

With a busy life, it’s tempting to sip coffee or Cokes all day long. If you want to improve your sleep, however, try to give up caffeine after the noon hour. Caffeine can work for hours after it has last been consumed. For the sake of your sleeping patterns, try to give it up. If you can’t go cold turkey, cut back slowly until your caffeine intake is restricted to the morning hours.

You may not be able to get the amount of sleep that you want, but with these tips, you can improve the quality. Don’t suffer day in and day out with lousy sleep. Get better sleep and reap the benefits that it can bring to your life.

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