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5 Sneaky Ways to Get More Exercise Every Day

I’ve always been a fairly fit person. I may not have ever been in peak condition or in bodybuilder form, but I’ve never been considered extremely overweight either. Even with that, there have been times that I noticed the pounds creeping upward a little more than I preferred. With life bursting at the seams with obligations and activity, getting in an extra workout was next to impossible. So, what do we do when life and our weight don’t seem to be playing nice? We sneak in some exercise! With just a few more burned calories per day, you may be able to drop a few pounds or maintaining your weight without drastically changing your lifestyle. Take a look at these great tips for sneaking in some exercise when all else fails.

Skip the Elevator

How many of us stand at the elevator for a minute or two waiting on the doors to open? Pretty much all of us! If you would like to burn a few more calories, nip this habit in the bud! Instead, suck it up and take the stairs. Not only will you burn more calories, but you will specifically work the gluteal and leg muscles to shape and sculpt a nice backside.

Park at the Back

Stop circling the parking lot waiting for a spot to open up close to the front. Instead, park at the back ... on purpose. You won’t lose time, because instead of spending time waiting in the car, you’ll spend time walking. You probably won’t burn an extra 500 calories this way, but those added calories will absolutely add up!

Stand Up

This is especially true if you have a desk job or spend the majority of your time sitting. Standing burns just a few more calories than sitting, but more than that, it engages more muscles. While this is unlikely to make a HUGE impact on weight loss, it will absolutely add up over a long period of time. Need to talk on the phone? Stand up. Need to type? Try a standing desk. If you find more opportunities to stand, you are also opening the door to more opportunities for movement and activity.

Plank During Commercials

Even when we say we don’t have any time, most of us are sneaking in at least a little bit of television. Whether it is the morning news or a late night sitcom, TV is a part of almost everyone’s life. To burn a few more calories, try planking during the commercial breaks. Don’t fast forward or skip them. Just do it! This will not only burn a few extra calories, but it will help you build a strong and sculpted abdomen.

Walk After Dinner

Just a brisk 10-minute walk after dinner can not only burn calories, but it can also lower blood sugar levels. This is a great bonus, especially to those who are Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic. Don’t have 10 minutes? Walk for five minutes or three minutes. Just do what you can. Even if that is all of the exercise that you get for the day, you can be sure that those few extra calories will add up to a slightly healthier body.

Learning how to exercise more when you are out of time is tough, but it is not impossible. It just takes some preparation and planning in order to make good decisions. Be patient and consistent, and you may find yourself in better health sooner than you realize.

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