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3 Foods That Promote a Healthy Gut

A healthy stomach means more than just a flat one. Sure, we all want a flat stomach, but there are many more important aspects to the health of our gut than just whether or not it is flat. When the gut is unhealthy, it can mean pain, bloating, and excessive toxins in the body. We need our gut to be healthy in order to clean out our bodies, keep us at a good weight, and promote good overall health.

While there are a lot of steps that can be taken into account when trying to keep your stomach clean and healthy, one important aspect to consider is your diet. What you eat or don’t eat can make a major impact. For optimal gut health, check out these 3 foods to add to your diet starting today.


Garlic is almost a super food. It has so many healing powers, especially when it comes to the gut. Garlic is antibacterial and antifungal. This means that it has a natural way of fighting off bacteria and fungus found in the gut. It can keep your entire body healthier by giving your immune system, most of which is found in the gut, a significant boost. To get more garlic, try adding the spice to your regular dishes. It doesn’t take much to see some healthy benefits, so spice up your meals and enjoy both the flavor and the healthy boost.


This is a food that contains bacteria in itself. While that sounds bad, yogurt actually contains the good bacteria that our bodies need. When we are short on the good bacteria, or probiotics, then the unhealthy bacteria is allowed to grow and flourish in the body. Introducing enough good bacteria keeps the gut healthier and more capable of keeping the bad bacteria levels in check. When buying yogurt, make sure that it is cultured, as these are the ones with the healthy probiotics.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This natural food has a lot of people claiming numerous, numerous benefits. Clear skin, weight loss, and healthy digestion are just a few. Apple Cider Vinegar is thought to have healing effects for the gut. It promotes healthy digestion and cleans out toxins. The hard part about this food is the taste. While some claim to enjoy the taste, most find it pretty appalling. Some suggest mixing 2 tablespoons in a glass of water and sipping all day. Others suggest downing the 2 tablespoons and getting it over with. Either way, it may take some time to learn to stomach the flavor, but advocates of the food swear it is worth the effort.

Getting your gut healthy and keeping it that way certainly take some conscious effort. With diets full of junk, it is easy to overload it and send it down the wrong path. Use these foods to help maintain and even boost the health of your gut, and therefore the health of your entire body for good.

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