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Easy Exercise Tweaks That Make a Big Difference

If you want to keep your metabolism roaring, then it is essential to switch things up at the gym. However, you don’t have to completely change workouts, you just have to create a little bit of variety, and change intensity between the workouts you love. Here are some tiny tweaks that will keep you from plateauing.

Make It a Balancing Act

Challenge your muscles by doing your favorite exercise move on an unstable surface. This will allow your smaller muscles and larger muscles to work simultaneously and help you get the most benefit from a move. The safest way to do this is with the use of a BOSU balance trainer. Try doing a few push-ups, squats and lunges with one for a fun challenge.

Switch up Positions

Keep your body guessing by changing your position on your strength moves or your cardio moves. You can change your treadmill work out by increasing the incline or decline. You can also change up your workout by changing hand positions or by performing a move in a different way. For example, try doing your sit-ups or push-ups on an incline for a more challenging move.

Try It One-Sided

For moves that you usually do with both arms or legs, try doing it one leg or arm at a time. For example, you can perform a plank with only one leg for a core strengthening move.

Pulse It

You can activate the fast-twitch muscle fibers of your body by adding a pulse (slower repetition) at the end of your exercise. For example, you would do 10 complete lunges and then instead of coming up on the last lunge, you would pulse the move slightly to really feel the burn.

Hold to Feel the Burn

When it comes to exercising, many people are quick to rush through it. However, doing the reps slowly will engage your muscles better than rushing through it. Plus, you will have to do fewer reps to see the results. Holding the position of an exercise can also make a big difference in the results you see. Try holding your squat or lunge for a few seconds longer each rep.

Add Weight

Adding a small dumbbell to your exercise can make a huge difference. Start off with a small weight, such as a 2 to 5 pound dumbbell. Try doing lunges and squats with them in your hands. Your muscles will automatically work a little harder, and you will start to feel the burn before you reach the end of your reps.

These easy fitness tweaks will keep your body challenged and help you see the results that you want. Remember to always stretch properly before and after a workout for the best results and to prevent injuries.

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