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Chiropractic Adjustments With Instruments

Using instruments to aid chiropractic adjustments, is an area of research in chiropractic studies that has been getting some attention recently. What studies are showing, is that there may be some significant advantages to chiropractors using instruments for adjustments to their patients' spines, rather than using just their hands alone. 

Instrument-assisted chiropractic adjustments are advantageous in several ways. The first aspect is that a higher level of precision can be reached with instruments, because rather than rely on intuitive guesses of how much strength to apply with the muscles of the chiropractor’s body, the amount of force can be pre-selected on the instrument's settings. This leads to more effective and efficient adjusting. 

Adjustments to the human spine involve basic laws of physics, as explained by Sir Isaac Newton who discovered the ruling laws of mechanical forces and rendered them into his Three Laws of Motion. According to Newton’s laws, “stress” can be defined as a force divided by the area to which it applied. Relieving “stress” as a force, requires applying more force to the area. To be effective an adjustment must apply force or pressure to a vertebrae in the spine, which can be calculated by dividing the force by the area. 

Instruments can therefore can be more effective than a chiropractor’s hands alone, because they can be set to apply more force to a smaller area than hands are capable of doing. By focusing a strong amount of force into a concentrated area with an instrument, the chiropractor can control and insure that the exact right amount of force is applied to adjust a vertebrae back into its correct location to relieve pain and allow healing to come about. This precision can mean less physical discomfort for the patient as well.

The chiropractor also benefits by using an instrument because they are not exerting their own muscular force, leaving them free to expend their energy on analysis of the problem. This lessening of physical strain on the chiropractor can also mean that they can see more patients in a day because they are less worn out by each session. Without this additional wear and tear on the hands, arms, and shoulders of chiropractors, they can better serve their patients with confidence because the worry of over straining oneself is removed and new energy can be applied to improving patient care.

By combining an understanding of physics and mechanics with the use of chiropractic instruments, chiropractors can deliver the best therapy available to their patients. 

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