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Why Astrology Works for Those Who Believe

By Chris Brown

Astrology, the belief that life events are influenced by the positioning of the planets, doesn't always have a strong backing in the scientific medical community. However, for those who believe, there are some scientifically backed health benefits that transcend any mystical prophecies. There are three medical-backed health "predictions" on how astrology positively impacts the health and life of believers.

Prediction 1: It Can Reduce Their Stress 

Much of our life stresses comes from the unpredictable nature of being. Not knowing how events will unravel and/or even what choices to make when they do is a large source of stress. What astrology provides to those who believe its predictions is a sense of certainty in an uncertain world. The stress-relieving effects of this certainty can have real-world health benefits of reduced anxiety such as lowered blood pressure and clearer thinking. In addition, it is well documented that those with more optimistic, less-stressful outlooks have significant lifespan improvements.

Prediction 2: They Gain Valuable Personal Insight

Astrological readings have the ability to initiate healthy internal thought, according to doctor of psychology Courtney Tracy. Much of psychological health and growth is dependent upon internal self-evaluation and insight. Secondarily, the process of obtaining a reading can provide clarity and personal insight about one's true feelings about an upcoming life event, regardless of reading. This is because, like a written Rorschach test, astrological readings are generalized and can be interpreted by a reader's subconscious to reflect their true desires and fears. Astrological readings also provide a break from the rat race of one's daily activities to grant time for meditating on one's future. At its very base, astrology provides a guided groundwork of daily self-reflection for its believers.

Prediction 3: Regardless of Accuracy, It May Actually "Predict" The Future

Psychological research has found that astrological predictions may actually come true for a believer regardless of magical foresight. The science behind this is based around the powerful placebo effect that fuels the phenomenon of the self-fulfilling prophecy. One study found that horoscope believers formed unconscious expectations about upcoming events. These expectations were so strong that, when the events presented themselves, the believer approached it with a confidence that made the predicted results more probable. For example, if it were predicted that they would meet a love interest that week, they may be more open to encounters and more sociable with potential mates. This new sociability, combined with the confidence derived from complete faith, would make it likelier for the love prediction to come to fruition.

Most of the psychological benefits of astrology are dependent upon the person's belief. However, even the most skeptical can learn from astrology's psychological benefits. The power of positive expectations and visualizing a desired result, for instance, can have real world effects upon both life path and overall well-being. The key is that, if you aren't reliant upon astrology, the belief has to be in yourself.

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