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Are You Sure You Are Healthy?

By Donna Kostiew

I had a friend who was diagnosed recently with a disease that unfortunately calls her body into battle. She will be OK for the most part but understandably is shaken to the core … mostly because she felt completely fine. She was eating a healthy diet, exercising a couple times a week, and went in for her wellness checkup every year. On paper, she did everything right and she thought she was healthy.

So it got me thinking.

Are we sick only when we feel bad and healthy when we feel good? Not necessarily. Our bodies and its functions are extremely complex. The smallest change within can become a catalyst for future problems and we may not even realize it.

How Chiropractic Care Can Keep Your Health on Track

By choosing chiropractic care and getting regular adjustments, you will be able to see the benefits to your health almost immediately. These can include improvements in the following.

Nervous system - Your nervous system controls the flow of information between every cell and organ in your body and your brain. Once your brain receives this information, it processes it immediately so that your body can react properly. If there is a subluxation, your brain won’t receive or be able to deliver the information correctly, if at all. Chiropractic adjustments help to maintain a healthy nervous system by removing any joint restrictions that are preventing this natural flow of information.

Immune system – You want the communication lines within the body to be open so that they can function properly and the immune system can respond the way it is intended. By maintaining a balanced nervous system free from restrictions, your immune system will be able to “fight back” the way it is designed to and will be less vulnerable to infections, allergy attacks, and other diseases.

Arthritis and joint pain – The main focus of a chiropractor is to bring proper alignment and function within the joints. By doing so, the process that causes arthritis can be slowed down or even potentially stopped. Studies have shown that when a joint is stuck for even a short amount of time, it causes small tears in the disc. This means that the disc is breaking down and decaying, which is often the first step in the arthritic process.

Asthma – With spinal adjustments, the airways and diaphragm can operate and function more freely, allowing for better airflow. Patients who receive regular chiropractic adjustments can manage their symptoms in a safe and natural way, decreasing their use of prescribed medications.

Blood pressure – When there is a joint restriction in the neck, it can create abnormal pressure and affect the body’s blood flow. Chiropractic treatments will not only treat the discomfort caused by the restriction but can also help regulate blood pressure and bring it to a normal, healthy level.

Be proactive with your health and don’t be fooled into thinking all is well simply because you don’t feel sick. Take care of your body and listen to it. It may have a lot to say.

To learn more about your health, wellness, and fitness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in West Sacramento, Calif.

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