Delicious Spine Stretches to Pamper Your Back

Want to increase your flexibility, while building a stronger back? Then you need to learn how to stretch properly. If you’re not stretching your back regularly, what are you waiting for? It doesn’t take long to learn how to give your back the TLC it craves, but the rewards are immeasurable. Here are a few simple stretches that are easy to learn, yet incredibly important for spine wellness.

The Cat Pose

Roll out your yoga mat and get down on all fours, like a cat. Place your hands directly in front of your body, with your palms firmly on the floor. Slowly move your head down while arching your back up like a frightened feline. Hold as long as you can and repeat four more times.

The Spine Twist

Return again to all fours and this time lower your head until it’s resting comfortably on the floor. Slide one of your hands out along the floor while holding your weight up with the other arm and both legs. Turn your head to the side, facing your stretched out palm and give your torso a good stretch. Hold for about 30 seconds and then repeat on the other side.

Reverse Sit Ups

Lie on your yoga mat on your back, as if you were getting ready to do a sit up. Your knees should be bent and your arms should lie flatly against your body. Slowly lift your pelvis and imagine that you’re trying to touch your face with your knees. Hold for five seconds and then slowly lower your legs to their original position. Repeat four more times for a good lower body stretch.

Hamstring Stretches

Begin by lying down on your back in a doorway, with your right hip next to the doorjamb. While keeping your left leg completely flat, bend your right knee up and place the heel of your foot on the doorjamb. Hold this position for five seconds while pressing your body against the stretch. Slowly lower your leg and then repeat with the other leg. Alternate legs as many times as you wish until you feel as if your hamstrings have been stretched properly.

Neck Rolls

No good stretch is complete without a set of neck rolls. Sit up straight while keeping your spine in a relaxed and neutral position. Move your head back so that your ears are stacked on top of your shoulders. Once you have the positioning right, slowly bring your chin downward to your chest. Let your neck roll slowly in one direction and then in the other. Work back and forth slowly until all the tension has left your neck.

For further instruction on how to care for your spine, schedule an appointment with your chiropractic team today.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

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