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Signs You're Doing Too Much Cardio

By Sara Butler

Aerobic exercises such as biking and running are great for your well-being. Many people have used cardio workouts to successfully meet and maintain a healthy weight and a healthier lifestyle. But you can do too much of a worthy thing when it comes to exercise. Just as with everything else in life, balance is important to achieve. Don’t risk injury by focusing too much on cardio. Here are a few of the signs that can let you know you may be doing too much!

Why Cardiovascular Exercise is Good

Cardio helps to torch calories and improve the health of your lungs and your heart. But the more of it you do doesn’t necessarily mean the healthier you will be. But what amounts to too much really differs from person to person. In fact, many factors such as intensity, fitness level, age, and overall health should be considered. Just remember that even though keeping fit is healthy, it’s perceived by your body as a stressor, causing negative effects if you haven’t found the amount that is just right for you.

Listen to your Body

The best way to tell if you’re doing too much is by listening to what your body is trying to tell you. It’ll let you know if you’re doing too much! A few things to look for to let you know you might be doing too much include:

  • Feeling really fatigued all day
  • Trouble sleeping at night
  • Physical performance isn’t improving, but getting worse
  • Frequent illness
  • Unhealthy body fat levels
  • Problems recuperating between workouts
  • Overuse injuries such as stress fractures or pain

Many people won’t fall into the “too much” category, but it’s something you should stay aware of so you don’t!

Everything in Balance

The American College of Sports Medicine suggests that grownups get 150 minutes of exercise per week in order to be healthy. Many regular exercisers often exceed this, but novices should work their way to this as they become more fit. Even moderate levels of exercise may be too much for a body that’s not used to it.

Also, it’s important to remember that rest is an important part of any exercise program. You must allow rest days for your body to recover. That doesn’t mean you’re not active at all, but it does mean that you give your body a break from even moderate level exercise for a day or two a week.

Cardio is great for you, but remember to be kind to your body and work out the right way!

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