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Some of the Things Water Does For the Body

By Paul Rothbart

There probably isn't a person on the face of the earth who doesn't know that water is essential to life. Many are aware of the fact that a significant number of people don't drink as much water as they should. Unless you're crawling through a desert or seriously ill, you're not likely to get too dehydrated. Your body will make you aware of your need for fluids by employing thirst. We know that water is important, but have you ever thought about what specific things it does for the body? Here are some of the ways that water helps the body function and stay healthy.

Body Temperature Regulation

Sweat is how the body stays cool in the heat. When you sweat, your body loses moisture. Simple process but if you don't replace that water, your body cannot continue to cool itself. Lost water and electrolytes cause dehydration. Heat stroke and exhaustion are potential risks. This is one of the obvious things that water does for the body.


Digestion begins in the mouth and it uses saliva, which is a liquid consisting largely of water. Saliva also helps to keep the mouth clean and healthy. Without water, your saliva glands could not do their job. A dry mouth is unhealthy as well as unpleasant. This is yet another essential job of water. 

Protection of Spine, Joints, and Tissues

Just as with machinery, the body's moving parts need  lubrication to work smoothly. Water allows joints and the spine to be flexible through a full range of motion. Tissues also benefit from being flexible. Water also helps protect these parts by providing cushioning. This helps the body absorb the shocks of walking, running, and other physical activities. 

Flushing Out Waste

Just as an engine produces exhaust fumes, a functioning body produces in a number of forms. This waste must be excreted as it can be toxic to cells. Water is essential to allowing the body to flush out these potential toxins. This is a very important job for maintaining good health. 

Helps Digestion

The body cannot use the nutrition in foods unless they are fully digested. Water plays an important role in this process. Research shows that drinking water before, after, and during meals, aids the body in breaking down foods. Better digestion means better nutrition and better health.

Improves Circulation

Blood, a liquid, contains water. Circulation is how the body brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells, while carrying away waste. Drinking recommended quantities of water will improve circulation and help you stay healthy. 

It's no secret that water is vital to survival. But it has a number of specific jobs that make it so essential. Think of these the next time you drink some water. It will help you appreciate the importance of water.

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