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The Healthy Practices That Could Be Hurting Your Skin Health

We have long since been taught that in order to preserve the pristine condition of our faces, and of our skin in general, staying way from harsh sun without sufficient protection, eating well all the time, properly hydrating, and regular exercise do the trick. As well as these natural remedies may work, so many people are looking for a much quicker fix, whether through cosmetic surgery or top of the line lotions, creams and topical treatments that promise the fountain of youth with every application.

However, researchers have proven that one of the best ways to really keep the skin in its greatest, and healthiest condition is to reduce the exposure of the skin to cadmium. The element that you may recall from the periodic table and your high school chemistry class, is actually found in a multitude of everyday things, some that you probably wouldn't expect.

According to the latest research published in the American Journal of Epidemology, cadmium does its fair share of wearing down the epidermis, more so than most other harmful chemicals out there. This is because cadmium exposure can cause premature aging of the cells within the body. In fact, testing has shown that those with an abnormally high amount of cadmium exposure typically have cells that look, on average, close to 12 years older than their actual chronological age.

The researchers also discovered that higher rates of exposure to cadmium may eventually lead to rapid cellular aging, which is generally characterized by much shorter telomeres within the body. These telomeres are the caps that secure together he end of human chromosomes and DNA to give them protection from being broken down. When telomeres become damaged, or shortened, they leave the body prone to a greater risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

When telomere length is compared to cadmium levels within the blood blood and urine, those with the highest exposure have telomeres that are almost 10 percent shorter than those with low doses of cadmium in their system.

Protecting yourself from high exposure to cadmium is critical to your overall health. The average person is exposed to cadmium via things like tobacco smoke, or even in healthier practices such as consuming fruit or vegetables that have been grown in contaminated soil.

The push for a much stricter set of guidelines as far as growing fruits and vegetables to be sold to the public, especially those that aren't locally grown or organic, as well as more laws for the eradication of smoking in public places, comes in the wake of the realization that cadmium is a major factor in causing these serious forms of illness.



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