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Hydration Means Drinking Water

By Paul Rothbart

Most people are aware of the fact that being hydrated is vital to good health. Many of them try to be careful to drink fluids. The problem is that not all fluids do an equally good job of hydration. The word "hydrate" evolved from the Greek word for water. This is significant as there is no fluid in existence that is better than water for hydrating your body. My mother, a wise woman in many ways, always said water is the only thing that quenches her thirst. But the benefits of water go far beyond thirst. 

Prevention of Dehydration

It seems obvious that drinking water keeps you from becoming dehydrated, but you may not be aware of how much fluid your body loses each day. You sweat every day, much more on hot days and when exercising, but even normal activities cause sweat. That is, fluid leaving your body in small amounts that eventually add up. Water is what your body is losing and water is what you need. Drinking six glasses of water a day will keep you hydrated on an average day. When doing anything requiring physical exertion, when the weather is hot, or when you are ill, you should drink more water than usual.

It Helps Your Brain Function

About 75 percent of the brain is water, so it makes sense that dehydration will diminish its function. On those days when your head feels like it's in a fog and you just can't think straight, drink a glass of water. Research has shown that dehydration negatively impacts memory, focus, and mental energy. Keep your body and your brain hydrated.

It's Good for Cardiovascular Health

The plasma in your blood is 90 percent water. Dehydration lowers the concentration of water in the blood and can throw off your electrolyte balance. This can diminish the performance of the muscles and the heart. It may also lower the overall volume of blood which can lead to low blood pressure. This can make you feel lightheaded and woozy and you may have difficulty standing. Your cardiovascular system is pretty important and a good reason to drink water.

Protection of Spine, Tissues, and Joints

Water acts as a lubricant in the body, allowing the spine and joints to move smoothly and flexibly. This can help prevent injury to those areas. Tissues are weaker when not suitably hydrated and are more prone to pulls and tears. Keeping your body hydrated will help protect all these vital parts. 

Hydration, from its first usage in language, means water. Other beverages taste good and have benefits of their own, but make sure to drink enough of the most important fluid of them all.

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