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3 Signs You're Not Drinking Enough Water

By Genevieve Cunningham

Water is one of the most important things to include in your diet. We literally cannot live without it. Water helps us to stay hydrated, helps our brain function, and keeps us feeling overall well. Unfortunately, most of us don't get enough water on a day-to-day basis. We would much rather reach for the soda, tea, or juice. If you suspect that you're not getting enough water in your life, take a look at these three signs that you need to increase your intake right away.

Dry Skin and Lips

It's easy to dismiss dry skin as a side effect of not using enough moisturizer. Similarly, it's easy to dismiss chapped lips as a side effect of the wind or the cold. But both of these can actually be signs of dehydration. You may notice that your skin feels and looks dry and ashy. You may also notice that your lips feel rough to the touch and are cracked or peeling. If you've not been in the wind or cold, and your lips and skin are still dry, it's probably time to drink more water.

Slow Digestion

Digestion can slow down for all sorts of reasons. It could be something that you've eaten or an illness. But a lack of water can make a big impact on digestion. When you're not getting enough, you may notice that it slows down significantly. You might have stomach aches or random cramps. If this is happening to you for no apparent reason, you might try drinking more water and see what happens.

Unexplained Headaches

Headaches are a complicated phenomenon. For many, we don't know the cause and we never find out. It could be a food sensitivity, stress, an illness, or -- you guessed it -- dehydration. Dehydration can cause headaches that hit you out of nowhere. While over-the-counter pain relievers can provide some immediate and temporary relief, the only cure is to rehydrate the body and keep it that way.

A lack of water in your body is a serious situation. Keeping your body well hydrated is crucial for good health and for avoiding serious illness. If you suspect that you are suffering dehydration, it's important to do something about it right away. Drink more water every single day, and keep your body and mind healthier for a lifetime.

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