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4 Solutions for Managing Migraines

Not everyone suffers from migraines, but those that do know how much they can get in the way of life. Migraines can cause nausea, sensitivity to light, and even body aches. When one strikes, it can literally put you in the bed for hours. The hardest part about migraines is finding something that can help manage them. If you suffer from migraines, check out these commonly used methods for managing and eliminating migraines from your life.


Medication is often a  go-to when it comes to pain of any kind, and generally migraines are no exception. Some people use over the counter medications for their migraines, while others require a stronger prescription medication. For some people, this can be an effective way to manage migraines. The unfortunate part is that this won’t cure migraines. It will simply manage them when you get them. If you’re looking to cure or prevent them from happening in the first place, you may need an additional form of treatment.

Find and Avoid the Trigger

Most migraines, doctors believe, are caused by some sort of trigger. It could be a certain smell, certain kind of light, or a particular sound. Whatever the trigger may be, it can often be found through trial and error. Many people that are attempting to find their trigger carry a book and write down their surroundings when a migraine first occurs. If you can find the triggers, and then avoid them, you can essentially avoid migraines. Of course, the hard part is finding the trigger. Many people go for years unable to find the source of their pain.

Pressure Points

A newer form of migraine management is to find and massage pressure points around the body. It is thought that certain areas of the body can relieve tension which can prevent or relieve the pain associated with headaches. This form of treatment requires a bit of knowledge and practice. It is best done with the help of a professional. If you want to do this one alone, it will take a learning curve to ensure you are doing it correctly.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a growing treatment for migraines. The thought is that many migraines occur because of misalignments of the vertebrae of the spine. Chiropractors are often able to use spinal manipulation in order to fix these misalignments. When they are properly aligned again, tension is released and many see a significant reduction in migraines, and some even report a ceasing of migraines altogether.

If you would like to give chiropractic care a try, get to The Joint...the Chiropractic Place. The Joint makes it easy to get care. Walk-in appointments mean that you can go at your convenience and on your schedule. Affordable pricing makes it possible to afford the care you need without emptying the wallet. A chiropractor at The Joint may be able to align your spine and get rid of your migraines for good.

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