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Chiropractic Quiets Tinnitus Ringing

By Chris Brown

There aren't many things more tortuously bothersome than an endless, unstoppable high-pitched ringing in the ear. But this is exactly what sufferers of tinnitus experience on a daily basis. Tinnitus is a constant ear ringing typically caused by a secondary factor, such as hearing loss, physical injury, or circulatory problems. It can be psychologically taxing, with an arena of therapy called "tinnitus retraining therapy" dedicated to dealing with its mental toll. Luckily there is hope for sufferers of tinnitus. Both mainstream medicine and chiropractic have shown many instances of curing or greatly reducing the impacts of tinnitus.

Mainstream Medicine's Tinnitus Treatments

In most cases, tinnitus is treated by addressing its underlying cause. This can mean removing earwax, treating a circulatory condition, or changing one's medication. In cases where general hearing loss is the root reason, hearing aids or white noise machines are used to help mask the ringing. However, these solutions do not eliminate the noise, but rather help minimize its effects on the sufferer temporarily. Hearing loss is the most common cause of tinnitus and, unfortunately for those cases, masking techniques remain the only mainstream treatments. Where mainstream solutions simply don't do the trick, chiropractic may be able to save your sanity by reducing or eliminating the constant ringing.

How Spinal Manipulation Quells the Ringing

There are numerous studies that have found chiropractic astoundingly beneficial for quieting the ringing of tinnitus. One such case study of a 75-year-old woman with a history of vertigo, hearing loss, and tinnitus showed a complete alleviation of all symptoms, including her tinnitus, following an upper cervical spinal manipulation by a chiropractor. Similarly, a 45-year-old (diagnosed with temporomandibular joint syndrome) whose tinnitus had been unsuccessfully treated by both medical doctors and dentists found complete resolution after nine visits to the chiropractor. In this case, the chiropractor manipulated the atlas spine, also in the upper vertebrae, which suggests that the impairments in the nervous structure from the neck region are partly responsible for the development of tinnitus. When those impairments related to spinal subluxations are corrected, tinnitus eases in many cases.

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