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How to Boost Your Circulation for Better Health

Your health is tied to your body’s ability to circulate certain vital fluids around the body, including distributing nutrients and oxygen and flushing out toxins. If your circulatory system suffers, then your overall health will as well. There are a number of ways that you can help your circulatory system function at its best, but first, let’s look at the system itself.

How Your Circulatory System Works

Your circulatory system consists of two parts. First, you have the cardiovascular system, which involves the heart, veins, and blood. Your heart pumps blood, which travels through your veins to deliver nutrients and oxygen where they are needed. Poor cardiovascular circulation inhibits this distribution of blood to vital organs and places your heart under extra stress. This can potentially lead to heart attacks, strokes, eye disease, and kidney disease.

The second system is the lymphatic system, which helps flush toxins out of the body and deliver immune cells to fight infections. It is stimulated by breathing, muscle movement, and gravity. Massage, hydrotherapy, and lymph drainage therapy can also help the flow. If your lymphatic flow is not what it should be, you will be less able to fight off disease, and your body will tend to ache or swell. It can also damage your tonsils, thymus gland, and spleen.

Now that we understand the circulatory system a bit better, let’s look at how we can help it along:

  • Lots of water: Blood is made up mostly of water. If you have enough water in your system, your blood will flow better, which eases your heart’s task of distributing it throughout your body. Water also helps remove toxins from your body, which helps with kidney function.
  • Exercise: Not only do aerobic and strength training help get your blood flowing, they also benefit your circulation in other ways. Strength training builds muscle, which increases circulatory efficiency, and aerobic exercise makes your heart and blood vessels healthier. They will also stimulate your lymph system for more effective detox and immunity.
  • Proper diet: By eating foods that boost your immunity and control your weight, you help your lymph system do its job more effectively. You also keep your blood vessels clear, letting your blood circulate more easily.
  • Massage: By applying pressure to specific areas, you stimulate blood and lymph vessels, and get their respective fluids moving. This has the benefit of reducing pain and inflammation while speeding up healing.
  • Jump on a trampoline: This is very effective at getting your lymph system going. Since lymphatic flow is stimulated by both gravity and exercise, jumping up and down on a trampoline will get it flowing properly in no time. This actually has a technical name: rebound therapy.
  • Manual lymph drainage therapy: With special techniques, a massage therapist trained in manual lymph drainage therapy can detect blockages in lymph flow and loosen them up, increasing healing and decreasing inflammation.

By applying a few or all of these techniques, you ease your circulation and promote your overall health.

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