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6 Tips for Beating a Stomach Bug

By Brandi Goodman 

Stories of flu outbreaks and worse viruses have been on the rise. This time of year it's normal to see flu symptoms increase as people are in close proximity to each other at school and work and the cold weather is impacting the immune system. You can beat the stomach bug and other basic illnesses easily by keeping a few tips in mind.

Rest Up

If you've caught a bug you need to rest up. Get as much sleep as possible so you can recover quickly. Trying to maintain your daily routine while you're not feeling well will only prolong your illness. Your body needs time to fight it off. 

Stay Hydrated

It can be difficult to keep yourself hydrated when you're not feeling well. Sometimes even a drink of water can be enough to have to upchuck. Your body needs to stay hydrated though if there's any hope of you fighting off your illness. Take small sips when you can so you get adequate hydration throughout the day. You can try sucking on ice chips if that's a better solution for your situation. 

Stick With Bland Foods

You may not want to eat anything for several hours, but eventually your growling stomach will require you to attempt to consume some food. Stick with things that are bland and not harsh on your stomach. Try a few bites of toast, crackers, a banana, applesauce, or rice. Don't scarf anything down -- this will likely make you sick again. 

Avoid Medications Unless Necessary

Avoid taking medications meant to mask your symptoms. They might make you stop running to the bathroom, but they won't allow your body to eliminate the virus as it needs. It can prolong your sickness. Only take medications prescribed by a doctor and even then, be sure they're still safe to take on an empty stomach. 

Wash Everything

As soon as you start feeling better you need to wash everything. Take a shower and put on fresh clothes. Wash your bedding. Wipe down surfaces you touched. Your home needs to be disinfected so the germs do not sit around and spread.

Use a Humidifier

Congestion and coughs can be helped with a humidifier. Use one to help moisten the air so it is isn't so dry and stuffy. Just be sure you clean it out first and again once you're through with it so mold doesn't grow.

Beat the stomach bug or other common illnesses by considering these tips. You want to do all you can to prevent yourself from catching the cold or flu and passing it to your loved ones. Make sure everyone in your family is protected or has the tools necessary to beat the sickness quickly if it does arrive in the household.

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