4 Foods That Naturally Boost Your Mood

While feeling up and down is completely normal, most of us would rather feel up much more often than we feel down. Bad a change in mood is bound to happen, but we certainly want to keep the fluctuation away as much as possible. To help keep your moods boosted and your mind and body healthy and happy, check out these naturally mood boosting foods.


You’ve probably heard that saying ‘happy as a clam’, right? That’s because there is some science behind this old adage. Clams are packed full of the Vitamin B12. This vitamin, if you were unaware, is responsible for a huge number of functions in the body; The list is almost endless. For moods, however, the good thing about B12 is that it gives you a blast of energy. Eating a meal of clams can give you a little energy boost, which automatically boosts your mood as well.


Besides being incredibly good for males for multiple reasons, oysters are beneficial because of their incredibly high amount of zinc. Zinc is known to be a natural antidepressant because of its ability to lower anxiety levels in the body and brain. Because of this, a person eating oysters on a regular basis can enjoy overall better moods and slightly lower stress levels. Add this to a meal of clams (see above!), and you’ve got a recipe for happiness.

Dark Chocolate

For those non seafood lovers out there, luckily there are some other options for boosting your mood. Chocolate, or specifically dark chocolate is thought to help the body produce feel good chemicals in the brain. Consuming this sweet and delectable treat can help boost your mood as well as create a sense of calm in the body. While milk chocolate won’t produce these benefits, its dark counterpart will do wonders for your mind and body.


Yogurt has a healthy dose of probiotics for your body. Probiotics are actually known for keeping your digestive tract healthy. Why is that important for moods? Besides the fact that a healthier body means a healthier mind, it is also thought that the intestines and the brain are very closely linked. This means that keeping yourself digestively healthy can mean better moods and a higher level of concentration.

If you suffer from the occasional down mood, don’t fret. Small changes in your routine can make a big difference. Try adding these foods regularly to keep your spirits high and your body and mind healthy and strong.

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