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Are You Really Sick?

There is nothing worse than not being taken seriously. Especially when you know in your gut that there is something going on, that no one else seems to believe. This can be especially frustrating regarding medical conditions. There are a few disorders that some doctors just plain don’t think exist, leaving the patient feeling trapped, with nowhere to turn.

Most of the time sufferers of certain conditions are told what they are feeling is “all in their head” and are given referrals to a mental health facility or prescribed medications of OCD, ADHD, depression and bipolar disorder, to name a few. However, to the people suffering from these diseases, the symptoms couldn’t feel more real. Below are a few of these disorders that are making some doctors skeptical and leaving the patients desperate.


The pain of fibromyalgia is so widespread that is can be difficult to diagnose. Sufferers complain of difficulty sleeping, fatigue, headache, tingling in hands and feet and overall bodily pain. These symptoms are also accompanied with depression and anxiety. Since there is no way to pinpoint what is causing all these disabilities, many doctors conclude it is all mental. 

Lyme Disease

Lyme can begin with flu and cold-like symptoms such as fever, headache, sleepiness and sometimes a rash. Eventually, things progress until the sufferer begins experiencing neurological issues, such as the feeling of being in a fog. Since this disease has such vague symptoms, many can be attributed to other minor conditions. It’s necessary to get lab testing in order to properly be diagnosed.

Interstitial Cystitis 

Many woman describe this condition as painful bladder syndrome. It is a chronic condition where pain in the pelvis is constantly being felt, alongside other symptoms that feel similar to a urinary track infection- pressure, pain and the feeling of needing to urinate even when you don’t have to. Due to these feelings intensifing during menstruation, interstitial cystitis can be misdiagnosed as cramps. In order to rule out any serious conditions, a battery of tests are required before being able to give a definite diagnosis.


Again, this condition is commonly dismissed as severe menstrual cramps, even though endometriosis is a potentially serious disorder. The reason this disorder is so often misdiagnosed is because it is difficult to identify early on. With this disease, the uterus lining grows on the outside of the uterus itself, instead of inside where it should be. This produces intense pain during periods, which is why it can be mistaken for cramping. An ultrasound and a urinalysis must be done to diagnose the condition and to rule out any other issues.

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