Flying Soon? Your Chiropractor May Help Ease the Pain


As spring heads toward summer, we all get the itch to travel. But along the way those exciting flights to new places, can raise health issues and leave bodies stiff, tired and often stressed out. 

Ways to Keep the Flight Smooth

American Chiropractic Association representatives say extended hours of sitting can raise red flags. Pressures and forces from awkward positions restrict blood flow, and can be a real danger with a buildup of pressure in the blood vessels in the lower legs.

It is especially important on long flights to contract and relax the muscles to keep the blood flowing and avoid blood clots. Get up and walk in the aisle and flex your ankles and feet with up and down motions when sitting. Move your knees up and down or prop your legs on a bag under the seat to change positions. Massage your legs and calves. You can also use rolled up pillows or blankets to maintain the normal curve of your spine and use folded blankets to raise your bottom a little.

Watch Out For Lifting

Check all bags that are heavier than five to ten percent of your body weight and be careful when putting bags into overhead compartments. Stand facing the compartment when you lift and do not turn or twist your head or neck in the process.

Visiting the Chiropractor Can Be A Help

If you already have a chiropractor, checking in with their office before and after trips is a good idea. The trip is really like a workout and you need to warmup and cool down with it.

If visiting the chiropractor is all new, you will find the first visit includes a spinal adjustment to evaluate the health of your spine. A complete medical history will also be reviewed along with a discussion of your activities. If there is pain there will be time spent establishing how it started, how long it has been going on, and what you were doing when it started.

The chiropractor’s goal is to try to help with pain relief without using medications or surgery. After a long trip the chiropractor can help the body to relax. There may also be some suggestions for better diet after travel splurges, or ways to relax at home to offload tension and stress.

Wherever you are, on your way to the airport, or making your way home, keep your chiropractor’s number handy.


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