When Yard Work Becomes A Pain, See Your Chiropractor


If you enjoy working on the lawn or garden, you also know how easy it is to overdo it. As we pull out the weed trimmers and hedge clippers, and dig in the ground to plant one more strip of flowers, time just slips away. But the next morning, sore muscles and stiff backs, may remind us that we overdid it.

The American Chiropractic Association warns us that the repetitive motions that the body uses with lawn equipment can trigger muscle strains and tears, and back and neck pain. Avoid multiplying body pain by learning how to operate the equipment, and not overdoing yard work sessions.

ACS Safety Tips

Make sure all equipment comes with straps, and place the strap over your head on the shoulder opposite from the equipment to center gravity. Switch sides frequently and alternate your stance as you work. Take frequent breaks. When you pick up or put equipment down bend from the knees, not the waist. Keep the equipment close to the body when you lift it. Be sure to do some warm up and cool down stretches before and after your yard work.

Good Gardening Stretches

Use these on a regular basis. If pain occurs stop immediately. Stretches should be done slowly and easily and never cause pain. Stand tall and lift arms straight up overhead reaching for the sky. Then bend forward reaching down to the ground. Repeat two or three times. Wrap your arms around yourself after letting your breath out and rotate to one side, as far as you can go. Hold it for 10 seconds. Then reverse. Repeat two or three times. Sit flat on a mat with your knees stretched out in front of you. Then bend forward reaching for the toes in a slow easy stretch.

Visiting the Chiropractor

If too much gardening or lawn work does create muscle or joint stiffness and pain, see your chiropractor for treatment. In the initial visit the chiropractor evaluates spinal health with a spinal adjustment, and spends time diagnosing symptoms. The chiropractor will review the patient’s schedule and check the complete medical history. The goal will always be to seek pain relief without medication or surgery. There will be a discussion of activities and questions about when pain started, and what triggered it.

As a series of visits evolve and solutions for stiffness and soreness deelop, the chiropractor may also help find ways to lose weight, exercises that are really fun and classes like Tai Chi or yoga that drop stress and strengthen balance. New daily schedules that trim back work a little may also show up. Overall, the atmosphere will be totally positive, helping to keep you in great shape so you can go right ahead with the rest of your yard work. If this sounds like a plan for you, make an appointment with the chiropractor now.


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