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7 Toxic Types of People Who Bring You Down

By Sandy Schroeder

We all know a few toxic people who can bring us down without even trying. Whatever they say or do, it usually becomes negative. If you have toxic people in your life who are sabotaging everything that you do, it may be time to step away.

Think about the warm feelings that you get from the positive people in your life, who make you laugh and really listen to you. Then contrast that with how you feel when you deal with other people who tend to be toxic.

Here are some of the things toxic people tend to do.

They may use you - They may only call or come by when they need something. Friends do help each other, but they also just enjoy spending time together, having dinner or going places. They are also there when you have problems, or just need a good listener. Toxic people tend to be available only when they need something.

They often say, "Yes, but.." - When you talk about your plans or activities, instead of encouraging you, they are quick to object, and say "Yes, but.." as they tell you why your plans won't work. After a while, you may begin to doubt yourself or suspect they are jealous or simply do not want you to thrive.

They are disloyal - True friends do not talk behind your back, meddle in your relationships, or insult you, but toxic people often do all of this, and more. If you confront them, they may try to worm their way out of the situation with some excuse. Deep down, if you feel you can't trust them, you probably cannot.

They never stop complaining - Toxic people are seldom satisfied. Wherever you go, whatever the weather, whatever the menu, it never quite passes inspection with them. Whatever the event, it soon loses its sparkle when they show up.

They show little respect - Toxic friends tend to think nothing of wasting your time, cancelling plans at the last moment or always being late. We all make allowances for our friends, but we do expect respect and give the same.

They limit you - We all change, but toxic people usually protest instead of encouraging you to move forward. They may really believe the advice that they are giving you, but at the end of the day you have to make the call and decide what you want to do.

They lie a lot - Most of us forgive some flaws in our friends, just as they overlook our imperfections, but telling one lie after another is simply unacceptable. If you can't believe what they say, it is hard to trust them. Trust is not negotiable in friendships. Either it is there, or not.

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