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Health Concerns in the Cold and Heat

By Brandi Goodman

The weather can play a major role in our mood and our health. Whether you're experiencing severe cold or extreme heat, these two ends of the weather spectrum can lead to some serious health concerns if you aren't careful. You should always take precautions to ensure you can keep your well-being intact no matter what weather you're enduring.

The Cold Can Bring on Headaches

The change in barometric pressure that occurs during the winter can cause pressure in your head as well. You're more likely to feel a headache when you're outside in the cold than you are when it's warm. If you start to experience a nagging pain in your brain, it's wise to listen to it and get back inside.

The Heat Can Cause Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is a very real and dangerous phenomenon. Your body sweats as it is in the heat. Overwork yourself and you're bound to lose far too much sweat too quickly. It can actually interfere with the functioning of your brain. You may also experience cramping in your body because of all the potassium and magnesium you're losing. Avoid overexerting yourself in hot weather.

The Cold May Irritate Your Eyes and Nose

"Jack Frost nipping at your nose" is a part of the popular Christmas song for a reason. Cold air will undoubtedly irritate your nose, as well as your eyes. You're likely to experience a runny nose and watery eyes as the cold, dry air whips against you and your body does what it can to add extra moisture to fight against it. Wear a scarf over your face to help.

The Heat Can Leave Burns

Sunburn is all-too-common in hot weather. Sunscreen is always boasted by professionals because it helps to keep your skin as safe as possible from the harmful UV rays that the sun emits. A sunburn can be a minor irritation, with reddened skin and peeling present for a few days. It can also lead to second-degree burns or worse, with bubbling skin and an aching body that takes weeks to recover from. Wear your sunscreen!

Whether the concern is minor or severe, there's still a lot to worry about when it comes to the weather and your health. Both cold conditions and extreme heat can leave you feeling unwell -- and worse if you're exposed to the elements for long. Do what you can to keep yourself protected in all weather conditions and stay inside when possible if it's really bad out.

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