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Never Put These Foods in your Refrigerator

By Sara Butler

The refrigerator is quite miraculous. It keeps your food at just the right temperature so you don’t get sick – so it seems a great place to just throw everything you buy. Not so fast! There are actually some foods that should never be kept in a refrigerator. Doing so can actually do more harm than good. Here are some foods that won’t be better off chilled in the refrigerator!


Store-bought potatoes really like the dark. A cool dark place such as a basement is the perfect place for these tasty tubers. Refrigerators are usually set under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature can cause the starches in potatoes to convert to sugar and that won’t be very tasty when you go to eat them.


You may think that putting tomatoes in the refrigerator will keep them from ripening too quickly, but what you may not know is that the temperatures in the refrigerator damage the delicate cell walls in the tomato, causing them to be watery and tasteless the next day. Keep your tomatoes out and eat them before they get too ripe!


You know someone who keeps their coffee in the refrigerator – everyone does. No matter what that person says, coffee is not kept fresher by being stored that way. In fact, the National Coffee Association says that coffee absorbs moisture as well as any other odors and tastes it’s exposed to. That means putting it in the refrigerator may have some unexpected consequences for its taste.

You should store your coffee in a cool, dry place. And don’t buy in bulk either, since coffee immediately begins to lose its taste and freshness immediately after roasting.

Hot Leftovers

You’ve probably been in a hurry, crammed your hot leftovers into a container and put them in the refrigerator. This is a terrible idea! You should try to let any leftovers cool to room temperature before you put them away. The hot food can raise the temperature inside of your refrigerator and spark some unwanted bacteria growth. You’re taking your health into your own hands by doing this, as it can lead to food-borne illness.

There’s no argument that the fridge is a great invention and useful to your health and happiness – but not everything belongs in there. Educate yourself in order to keep you and your family safe and to help your food taste its best!

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