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10 Tricks for Living a More Present Existence

By Chris Brown

We could all learn to be a bit more aware of our present. Being present, as opposed to ruminating on the future or past, has been shown to greatly improve mood and reduce health conditions resulting from chronic stress. Practicing mindfulness is a cumulative exercise to keep yourself focused in the present moment. Staying calm requires a constant refocus and, when we find ourselves stressed, it is important to use one of the below 10 tricks to relocate yourself to the present.

Ten Tips for a More Present Life

If you want to be more present, add these actions to your arsenal.

Smile - The power of simply smiling, even if you don't feel like it, is huge to overcoming a negative attitude and finding gratitude in the present moment.

Redirect worrying energy - Worry often stems from future event rumination. Instead of worrying about things not under your control, redirect that energy towards completing what you can in the present.

Think about the past in small, focused doses - Similarly, overly thinking about the past can cause an anxiety loophole. It is recommended to focus reminiscences in short bursts on happy events and avoid being pulled into a long daydream about unchangeable negative past occurrences.

Yoga - Yoga's practice of focusing on the breath automatically brings people into a state of present. Additionally, the focus on the body's position during complex poses causes people to harness the energy of the moment.

Mindful body scan - A method of mindfulness called a body scan requires a person to start at their head or toes and slowly move their awareness through their body to the opposite end, paying attention to tightness or soreness along the way.

Journal - Journaling can be a positive way to reflect upon one's past, look toward one's future, and harness present thought. One recommended method is Cameron's Morning Pages exercise which advises three pages of stream of consciousness writing each morning. Getting the internal chatter from your head to the page can clear your thoughts for the rest of the day.

Visualizations - Visualizing goals puts yourself in a positive mindset about the future which can help motivate you to remain focused in the present. Regular visualization also improves focus, which is essential in maintaining a present state.

Notice your surroundings - No matter where you are, taking a moment to notice the sensory details around you (e.g. smells, temperature, sounds) will undoubtedly bring your awareness to the present moment and provide calmness.

Regular meditation - Meditation is like going to the gym, the more it is practiced the better the practitioner becomes at staying in the present. A daily meditation might be just what is needed to hone your ability to redirect into the current moment.

Walk in nature - Walking in nature is a great opportunity to be intentional with your awareness. Being quiet and noticing the fresh air entering your lungs and the sounds of animals can induce a state of Zen-like presence. Just make sure not to check your phone while you walk.

Self-care, such as a visit to the chiropractor, can also help lead you into the present moment. An adjustment at The Joint Chiropractic can boost your calmness by optimizing brain-body communication. And, with affordable, insurance-free prices and stress-free walk-in sessions, you are sure to leave the clinic with the same peace of mind.

To learn more about your health, wellness and fitness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Harlingen, Tex.

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